1977 VC Vigilant with Catalytic....hows this work?

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Dec 29, 2017
Hi all,

Ive been reading the Hearth forums for a long time, but just joinex up today after installing a 1977 vigilant in my fireplace that came with a catalytic unit on the back. The stove is in exellent condition and seems like it was hardly ever used. My questions are: Im assuming that this is a vermont castings catalytic amd not some off brand thing, were these made per each model of stove, or will this fit a Defiant as well? How do I know if it is lit? im fairly certain Ive not got it to light, because the smoke from the chimney doesnt seem to clear up when I switch over. Speaking of lighting it, should I still run the stove with the top tamper (the one that redirdcts the flame/smoke to the rear chamber) or run it open (thought the top). what girddle or stovepipe temp should I be at before switching? Are aftermarket honeycombs available? Thanks in advance, any tips or answers are very much appreciated!
Oh no, you have one of those Energy Extenders? Theywere only made for a few years and were like a retrofit thing made by V.C. in hopes of getting the old stoves to conform to the new E.P.A.rules at the time without completely redesigning their entire product line. Didn't work, s guess what? Yeah, they redesigned their entire product line.

I'd just get rid o fit, it was a failure hen and surely is no better now. Run the stove at the proper temp., and you'll get decent performance with good dry wood without a catalytic element. Not as efficient as modern stoves, but a good workhorse that should remain economical for years to come. SURELY less to maintain than a comparable new stove would be to purchase and install.