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  1. S

    Used VC Vigilant, Excellent Condition, All Accessories, No Cracks, value?

    Hello All, I just replaced a VC Vigilant 1977 with a new QuadraFire 5700 and wanted to check on the value of the old VC stove to see if the effort necessary to sell it would be worth it. The Vigilant was installed in the new home in 1988 and has seen very little burn time over its lifetime...
  2. J

    Vermont Castings Vigilant 1 (1980) conversion

    Hello. New here. I just bought a house and the wood stove was a big selling point. Upon inspection, I discovered that this stove is set up in the coal-burning configuration. The previous owners had been burning wood in it it would appear, but I've been doing a lot of research and it doesn't...
  3. N

    VC Vigilant 1977 loading and horizontal burn operation

    Stove came with the house I just purchased. Unknown when the stove was last rebuilt, but the ash fettle was stamped with a 1983 date. I've searched the forum and haven't found any information regarding my first 2 questions below. is there a particular way this stove should be loaded? i have...
  4. N

    VC 1977 Vigilant Misc Part Identification

    just purchased a house with a Vermont castings 1977 stamped vigilant wood burning stove. From what I can tell its in working order. Previous owner used it. Seals seam to be good (dollar test), no seam leaks i can find. I do see a small gap between the flue and collar that connects the pipe to...
  5. A

    Vigilant 1400 Multifuel Question

    Hi. Newb here, joined since i read a lot on the forms and see you all have a lot to add, so here goes: I bought this VC Vigilant for next to nothing and cleaned it up. it was set up for coal use but I want to burn wood, but wondering what parts if any i need to remove? I assume the raker...
  6. N

    Just bought a VC Vigilant stove from a friend

    I bought a Vigilant stove with a brown ceramic like finish. Tag on the back is dated 9/25/80. I was hoping and thinking it was a wood stove. The stove was not what I have seen in a typical wood burner, that I have seen in the past. After some research the of the mysterious items that came with...
  7. T

    VC Vigilant Advice

    Hi all, I'm new here. I've recently acquired a fully rebuilt Vigilant from my neighbor, and I've been trying to learn how to use it, but I'm having a bit of a hard time. I've found all these older threads:
  8. B

    Vigilant (1977) Conversion to Coal Stove

    I recently acquired a Vigilant Stove configured for coal. It had ash everywhere (like piled up solid between all the walls), so I took it apart to clean. Back firewall has "1977" stamped on it and is two part. The shaker rack for the coals is three bars from side to side (not the multiple...
  9. R

    1977 VC Vigilant with Catalytic....hows this work?

    Hi all, Ive been reading the Hearth forums for a long time, but just joinex up today after installing a 1977 vigilant in my fireplace that came with a catalytic unit on the back. The stove is in exellent condition and seems like it was hardly ever used. My questions are: Im assuming that this...
  10. R

    Vigilant worth keeping?

    I've only posted a few times to Hearth over the years, but you all have been invaluable to me. Now a big question. I have an older VC Vigilant (1977 on the one-piece fireback) that has served me pretty well as the primary heat source through nine NH winters. It has always backpuffed...
  11. K

    VC Vigilant-repair or replace-DIY or hire out-"winter is coming"

    Tossing this out because I'm tired of chasing my own 'woodstove tail'. I purchased my stove used in 1994, it has moved 4 times with me ...(growing less attractive every move!) but still a worthy little piece of equipment. This stove has been our only source of heat for 6 years now. Over the...
  12. A

    F400 or F500: what size Jotul to replace an old VC Vigilant?

    I'm looking to upgrade our trusty 1977 VC Vigilant and I'm looking at both the Jotul F400 Castine and the F500 Oslo. I don't have any experience with EPA stoves and could use some advice about which is a better match in terms of heat output and burn time. We use the Vigilant as the sole heat...
  13. Whiskey Fun

    Total Creosote Blockage After 1-2 Fires

    First, thank you all for the great info already gathered! Here's my situation. We just moved into a rental home with a Vermont Castings Vigilant (early to mid-1980's), with a rear exit. Off the stove is a single wall, 8" oval male-90 degree (horizontal)- 8" round female pipe, connected to...