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  1. B

    1940s Damper Handle Missing

    I recently removed the wood burning insert in our 1946 fireplace and am working on getting it cleaned up before we install a gas log set. I know the damper will need to remain partially open after installation, but I'd like to find a handle that fits the existing damper so I can adjust it...
  2. Jotel me this

    What size o-ring would this be?

    I have two o-rings, one broke and needs to be replaced. It goes to a small random, older water pipe connector that you cant buy in store so I cant look up a manual . How would someone measure the size of an o-ring for a replacement o-ring? I dont own a caliper and even if I did, wouldnt the...
  3. B

    Gas Heatilator replacement with Zero Clearance

    I have been thinking about replacing my current gas fireplace (Heatilator) for a long time now. Outside of aesthetics I get nothing out of it, and would like to have something that is able to heat my 2000 Sq Ft ranch house in Wisconsin. It doesn't need to be the only source of heat, but anything...
  4. A

    Help :/ Zero Clearance Removal Keep Same Pipe

    Hello! I apologize if this has been answered somewhere else but I’m having trouble finding other threads with the exact same issue as me. I would really appreciated any help. We’re replacing an old Napoleon ZCF with a free standing wood stove. I’d like to remove the current ZCF but keep the...
  5. E

    Mt Vernon AE tripping house breaker

    I've had a Mt Vernon AE for 2 years now. We bought it 2nd hand and have been learning the ropes of maintenance & repairs as we go. We replaced the ignitor the first year, the comb blower last winter and the thermocouple most recently in the spring and shut it down for the summer. We turned it...
  6. M

    Jotul Alpha Bypass Door Gasket Replacement

    Hello, Hoo boy, I am at my wit's end with this one. To actually post in a forum! The house I am in now has a Jotul Alpha, and while it's in pretty good shape, not having been used too much by the previous owners (they preferred the diesel burner) at one point last season I noticed some...
  7. M

    Encore 2550 damper bar replacement

    Great forum with lots of great info. I had to replace my upper fireback so ordered a new one. Working on reassembly, I cannot figure out how the old damper bar comes out of the old fireback so that I can put it in the new one I bought. They sell them separately so I figure the damper bar must...
  8. R

    1977 VC Vigilant with Catalytic....hows this work?

    Hi all, Ive been reading the Hearth forums for a long time, but just joinex up today after installing a 1977 vigilant in my fireplace that came with a catalytic unit on the back. The stove is in exellent condition and seems like it was hardly ever used. My questions are: Im assuming that this...
  9. LilChickieeT

    What do we have here...?

    Happy Thanksgiving! So we live off grid and our main heat source is this coal stove. I have a tendency to shake it harder than needs to be done. (Supposedly) That combined with the fact that the stove is very old and the handle is wearing out is getting me in a lot of trouble these days, LOL. I...
  10. J

    Jotul C450 Air Valve Handle Broke

    So I had noticed that our air valve on our recently installed C450 had no resistance, so I checked and sure enough, the slide valve had come off the handle, so I adjusted it and tested it a couple times and it worked fine. Fast forward two days later, the handle snapped off, very little...
  11. M

    1987 Lopi Premier Answer Series PA5 - Blower Replacement

    Hey All, I have been looking for a blower replacement for my stove and can't seem to locate one. I have done quite a few searches and browsed the forums to see what I could find. I am not having any luck. Does anyone have any ideas of where I can get a replacement? Happy Heating!
  12. B

    Wood Stove Glass

    I have a Lopi Freedom wood stove insert. I have had it since 2009. Overall, I'm extremely happy with this stove, with one exception: The glass in the door. About every 2 to 3 years, it randomly cracks. I mean I'm just standing there by my stove, the fire's going nicely, all's well with the...
  13. Jim H.

    looking for xxv ignitor replacement pics

    Well, my 7th season on original ignitor seems to have come to an end! LOL Was good while it lasted. I found a couple old threads and it seems easy enough.....but it is hard to see the igniter under the pot. anyone have a pic or 2 or video doing this? Last post I found had a guy in a red...