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  1. R

    Resulte Acclaim

    I’m not sure the year on this, but seeing if it is safely functional still if I have it installed? I don’t really know anything about it. And also what is a fair value to pay for it if repairs are necessary? It looks like it has some cracks inside but doesn’t look like they are on the outside...
  2. Tweedle

    VC Montpelier II - Single Burn Rate vs Chimney Height

    Hi guys, I'm new here. I signed up to get advice on my new wood stove. I recently installed a Vermont Castings Montpelier II wood insert into my masonry chimney. I chose the Montpelier II because the unit and surround fit my chimney firebox well, it looks decent, and appeared fairly simple to...
  3. mattbrandon

    VT Encore 2550 stove Thermostat lever

    I have a VT Encore 2550 stove. During the summer, a child twisted the thermostat handle, located on the right side of the stove, until it was upside down. I removed the inner firewall and flipped it back, bending things as they should be. However, I now have a question. I've only owned it for a...
  4. J

    New to wood stoves & could use some advice!

    We just purchased a house that has an old, rusted out wood stove. We had it inspected, and it's absolutely unsafe to use. We live in Ohio and have 2 local dealers - one sells Vermont Castings and one sells Kuma. We're looking to heat our 1700sqft cape cod style home, nearly full time. There's a...
  5. W

    Resolute Acclaim - Model 2490 - Pre - 1995

    I grew up with wood heat being our only heat. It's been 25 years, but now, in a house with a wood stove again. It is a Resolute Acclaim (Vermont Castings) - Model 2490; from my reading, it would mean pre-1995, so I'm hoping I'm posting in the correct place. It has two cracked bricks. For a...
  6. B

    VC Radiance 2560 NG to LP conversion help/options

    Hi All, Hoping for some help here! We have a Radiance 2560 that is NG. purchased it ASSuming we could just get a kit to convert to LP. The kit was either not ever manufactured or discontinued with zero stock (depending on who I speak with). Does anyone anywhere have LP parts? (VC Radiance...
  7. C

    VC Dauntless FlexBurn Fire starting and maintining

    Hey VC owner! I decided to quit complaining about the stove I bought and decided to do a ton of research and worki hard to understand this stove and I believe I have finally nailed it for myself. I thought I would share what I have learned and how to get the most out of your VC Dauntless...
  8. J

    Vermont Castings Defiant with hydronic/water coil

    Our defiant has a hydronic heat coil in it. I can’t find anything about it online, except on this site. Does anyone know what type of metal was used, or if their is a way to get a replacement coil? I hooked it up to our radiant and it was working perfectly until the coil started to leak. Really...
  9. DanielP

    Smaller Fire Possible in VC Dauntless?

    Hey there community. I am brand new around here and we're only on day two since our Dauntless Flexburn was installed (w/o catalytic kit)! We've made our "break-in" fires, which went fine. Last evening I made the first fire where I loaded the firebox about 3/4 full. It got good and hot...
  10. J

    Vermont Castings Vigilant 1 (1980) conversion

    Hello. New here. I just bought a house and the wood stove was a big selling point. Upon inspection, I discovered that this stove is set up in the coal-burning configuration. The previous owners had been burning wood in it it would appear, but I've been doing a lot of research and it doesn't...
  11. C

    Gas conversion for Vermont Casting

    Good afternoon! I am new to this forum and have a question about my gas stove. I recently acquired a Vermont Casting 2600 Radiance with a propane set up. I have natural gas in my house and would like to convert the stove. I have been seeing a lot of posts that there is no conversion kits...
  12. P

    VC Defiant or Upland 207 Decisions, decisions

    Hello all. So I've had the unbelievable good fortune of inheriting both an Upland 207 and a VC Defiant. Both stoves are from neighbors who no longer wanted/needed them. Both stoves are "all there" in terms of parts save for gasketing, though the Upland's rear heat shield has a crack, which seems...
  13. K

    Correct stove sizing for irregular layout in a small house

    Looking for advice on woodstove sizing given a non-traditional layout. I apologize in advance for the long post. Our house is 1100sq ft and well insulated. We are putting a woodstove in the living room. Our living room is long and narrow, 13ft wide x20ft deep. At the back of the living room is...
  14. S

    Broken piece attaching flue collar

    I bought an old VC Resolute. The bolts in the back to the flue collar and extension were corroded or cemented on. Could not apply any torque without stripping the head. I ended up having to drill out, but the screw forced the bit off a straight path. I tapped in new threads; due to the odd path...
  15. T

    Should I Replace the Catalyst and Refractory Assembly on my Intrepid II?

    Hey everyone! Just bought a used Intrepid II Model 1303. I started cleaning it and noticed the chimneys of the refractory assembly are pretty much gone. I was wondering if this was worth changing or if I could wait a season? I've also noticed the catalyst is a bit burned and small parts of it...
  16. V

    Vermont Castings Radiance 2240 NG to LP Conversion, help

    Hello, we recently purchased a Vermont Castings Radiance 2240. We did not realize that we would need a special kit to change it from NG to LP. Now we see it is very hard to get those parts. Is there anyone who would like to trade their LP set up for our NG set up? Or we can buy the part from...
  17. L

    Fireplace Xtraordinair Large Flush Insert questions

    All, Apologize in advanced if any of my following questions have already been addressed elsewhere in this forum and I've missed them. I'm in the market for a new wood burning insert for my existing fireplace. My local "reputable" fireplace dealer only really gave me 2 options to look at...
  18. woodstovelover

    VC Resolute Acclaim Mfg. date code 1521

    Anyone have an idea when this stove was manufactured? It's a VC Resolute Acclaim Code is 1521.
  19. vbu

    Air inlet/damper on Defiant knockoff

    Hey guys, I have an 'olympic crest' woodstove (cast in Yugoslavia!), which seems to be a Vermont Castings Defiant knockoff. It doesn't look the best, but it burns great, and we're happy with it (it's in our rental home) It has an air inlet damper on the back, controlled by a pull wire sort of...
  20. F

    Blower power intermittent, Majestic DV580 w/ Honeywell rf control valve

    We have a 17 year old Majestic/Vermont Casting DV580 propane fireplace with a Honeywell rf control valve. We have flame and no issues with the fireplace flame working or with gas flow, so now our concern is that there is something wrong with the control valve as the blower does plug into that...
  21. N

    Just bought a VC Vigilant stove from a friend

    I bought a Vigilant stove with a brown ceramic like finish. Tag on the back is dated 9/25/80. I was hoping and thinking it was a wood stove. The stove was not what I have seen in a typical wood burner, that I have seen in the past. After some research the of the mysterious items that came with...
  22. T

    VC Vigilant Advice

    Hi all, I'm new here. I've recently acquired a fully rebuilt Vigilant from my neighbor, and I've been trying to learn how to use it, but I'm having a bit of a hard time. I've found all these older threads:
  23. A

    Vermont Castings Resolute III Door Issue

    I was almost finished rebuilding my Resolute III when disaster struck...I broke a hinge off the right side door! I was in luck because I found someone on this forum that I got a door from...AWESOME! But, when I went to put the door on I noticed that the frame around the glass was different...the...
  24. N

    Where to Put my stove?

    hi all. In the process of buying a house. We close end of this month! We bought a VC intrepid v1 in perfect condition. The wall we want to put it on has a baseboard for the oil heat. This would be ideal spot. Or location two would be on the opposite wall. But we also would like to put the TV on...
  25. N

    New “Old” Intrepid series 1

    Hi all, Just picked up this stove for 300$ It appears to be in many condition. Nothing seems warped. All hinges and levers seems to work great. Was owned by an older couple who traded it in for gas. We will be installing it in our new house next month. Total of 800sq feet. Using it to supplement...
  26. Front of valve

    Front of valve

  27. M

    Searching for blower for Vermont Casting 0044

    We have a wood burning insert and the right blower just went. Part 1604114. I know these are discontinued. Looking to see if anyone has parts, substitute it any other info on this. I'd like to get it back up and running if possible...
  28. R

    1977 VC Vigilant with Catalytic....hows this work?

    Hi all, Ive been reading the Hearth forums for a long time, but just joinex up today after installing a 1977 vigilant in my fireplace that came with a catalytic unit on the back. The stove is in exellent condition and seems like it was hardly ever used. My questions are: Im assuming that this...
  29. T

    Fireplace rear width too short for insert dimension

    hello, Looking at installing a Vermont casting Merrimack insert into my fireplace. All dimensions are good except the rear width. The rear width is 23” across. The insert says it needs 25”. At 18” deep the width is 24”. Has anyone handled this issue successfully before? If so, do you have...
  30. J

    Defiant encore model number?

    Hello, I have a defiant encore in the home we purchased about a year ago. I have not been able to find the manual for it and the back has a heat shield so I can't see the plate on it. Is there another way to identify which model I have? Thanks!