Hearthstone Clydesdale 8492 - I messed up. HALP!!

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New Member
Oct 15, 2023
Hey Guys …
New owner here. It was getting pretty chilly Friday night here so I was loading the Clydesdale 8492 up pretty good with a few beers in me.

I cracked one of the baffle panels.

My dealer never mentioned them so I thought everything on the inside was refractory stone, not paneling.

Didn’t see it til Saturday. shut her down let her cool.

Any idea where to get replacements fast?
Dealer closed today.
Other dealer parts department not in today.
Other dealer doesn’t carry parts.

Seems like the only quick option is Lynn manufacturing on Amazon.

Thanks all - hoping your wood burning started smarter than mine.
No problem, we've all been there.
As an FYI guys, you can easily cut 3 baffle pcs from this board. Simond Store Ceramic Fiber Insulation Board, 2300F, 1/2 Inch X 19.7 Inch X 39.4 Inch. I paid $80 on Amazon for it. I replaced one of mine that cracked and now have 2 spares for far less than the Hearthstone replacement. The replacement seems to be the same material as oem and has worked perfectly.

I beat mine up loading wood initially, not realizing how delicate they are. Now I'm careful when loading and don't hit them.