Need help finding convection blower for a pellet stove

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Travis Benner

New Member
Jan 28, 2016
I am new to this forum and I am hoping someone out there can help me find the correct part for my pellet stove. I have had the stove for almost three years and the long cage style convection blower is squalling terribly in at least one of the bearings. I have a Pleasant Hearth PH50CABPS and the cage blower is about 17 5/8 inches long (when you count the motor on the end).

This model of pellet stove is manufactured by GHP group inc. When I contact them they say that they are out of stock for the part but to check back with them and it may take 45 days before they are back in stock. I have also tried the big box stores and farm stores that sell the stoves and they are not able to help. When Menards looks up the part they can't order any and it only refers a customer back to the GHP company.

I also tried every single fireplace store in my area and again, I am out of luck. I even tried going to Google Earth and looking up the address of the factory. Then I was able to call a neighboring business on the map to track down the specific name and a phone number of the factory. When I called the factory, they referred me to a tech number and wouldn't allow me to purchase the part directly.

I have tried some internet searches for pellet stove parts suppliers and still cannot seem to find the part for my specific model. Amazon has a pellet stove convection blower that looks close but it is too short...

Any leads? Ideas?

I appreciate anything that can help me get the right part - thanks in advance.

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