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    Blaze King Ashford 30.2 Door Hinge/Gasket

    We purchased a new blaze king Ashford 30.2 last fall and are experiencing an issue with the front door, hinge, we think. I attached photos where the top hinge pin appears to be bent and is causing the door to not sit properly. Also looks like the door gasket is not able to seal right because...
  2. C

    Door came off of Jotul 4B Combifire

    We recently scored this great wood stove but when opening the door, it came completely off. We’re having trouble getting the door back on and wondering if anyone has had the same problem and if so, how were you able to reattach? It is a Jotul 4B Omnifire. Thanks in advance!
  3. A

    Left swing door stoves (open right)?

    Hive mind! I'm desperate for a left swing door (right side load) wood stove. I designed a custom space with the wood box/bin on the right, not considering door swing, and ordered a stove...then realized the door opens the wrong way :( Amateur mistake! Looking for *low side clearances* because...
  4. D

    Pacific Energy Alderlea T-6 - can’t reinstall door - need help urgently

    Hello. Door was removed with difficulty to replace glass. Can’t reinstall it. When upper pin is in hole, lower pin can’t be aligned with bottom hole. It’s too long. What am I doing wrong?
  5. N

    Hearthstone Wood Stove Door Gasket Replacement

    Hello all, I purchased a used Hearthstone Homestead recently and have been working to get it as ready for winter as I can. Here is what I know about the stove: It was purchased about 16 years ago. In all seriousness, that's all I have to work with. I have no records of anything that was...
  6. L

    Smoke Problem

    I have a smoke problem. I have a Lopi Answer. Recently replace my Jotul. I begin the fire with a Top Down without problems. No smoke on start up.... I GOT IT WORKED OUT. I place the two medium pieces as far back as possible. Then crossed a few smaller (shorter) pieces so they fit north to...
  7. JHD

    Using a wood burning fireplace for heat

    Hey how's it going, looks like everybody here is pretty knowledgeable on the subject, so I had to join. I just bought a manufactured house and it has a Marco fireplace already installed. I've never burned wood before but the fireplace was tempting so I cut and split a bunch of wood and...
  8. F

    Whitfield Advantage ii-t, Door Latch Adjustment?

    I recently bought a house that came with a Whitfield Advantage II-t pellet stove. The stove was made in 1994, and has been the primary heat source in the house for the last 20 years. The door seal is not tight enough to seal on the latch side of the door. I replaced the rope gasket, and the...
  9. A

    Gasket on a Regency R14

    I recently got an old regency r14 from a neighbor, and installed it. Lit the first fire, only to notice that the door is not flush against the stove. Is that a gasket replacement im looking at? I notice the back of the door has a groove where it looks like it should go, and there isn't...