Gasket on a Regency R14

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Oct 22, 2015
New York
I recently got an old regency r14 from a neighbor, and installed it. Lit the first fire, only to notice that the door is not flush against the stove. Is that a gasket replacement im looking at? I notice the back of the door has a groove where it looks like it should go, and there isn't anything there now. So my question is, is that what my problem is? I need to place the rope gasket in there? and if so, what size do I need? The only manuals I can find online cut off at page 16, and page 17 has the information. Thanks guys.


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Most of the older Regency Stoves had a 5/8" gasket for the door seal. Your local hearthshop should have everything you need to replace it. A good hearthshop will replace it for you without charging you for the time, if you buy the materials there.
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