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  1. C

    Burn Pot Gasket

    Looking for a burn pot gasket for Englander pdvc in Canada. Any suggestions where to order from. I keep finding places in US and the shipping is 3 times more then the gasket price. Also is there a link for the instructions for the burn pot mod Thanks for anyones time Bill
  2. P

    Ashford 25 Catalytic Converter Question

    I have an Ashford 25 wood stove. I can't find the specs on the catalytic converter. The reason I am asking is because I just had it cleaned. The technician indicated he didn't want to remove the catalytic converter because he (nor I) didn't have a spare gasket--and they tend to crumble upon...
  3. Jotel me this

    Xtrordinair glass gasket?

    Hello. I have a Xtrordinar 44 fireplace and am replacing all the gaskets due to poor seals. I'm stuck trying to figure out how to run the gasket around the top of the glass. I used channel gasket for the portion where the glass slides into the channels, and I know it uses 1/2" rope gasket...
  4. S

    Is this gasket good ?

    Hi, I just had my wood stove installed and the gasket seems teared up. Is this good ? I don't want to be picky with the installator but with the price tag on this stove I expect to be fully functional. What you all think ?
  5. Jonkman

    Any tips on installing the tadpole door gasket on a Quadrafire Castile?

    Hi all. Just looking for some tips on how to install the gasket so the top corners don’t bunch up and get too thick, then the seal isn’t good. When it came from the factory it had perfect corners, and I cant get it right. Also curious what tape to use on the cut ends? They use tape in this...
  6. J

    Quadra Fire Classic Bay 1200 sealant

    Hello, so I finally replaced the window gaskets on my Classic Bay 1200. I honestly feel like the seal isn’t the best. Nothing shows me that it’s not good, I just don’t trust it. So I was thinking.....has anyone ever used a sealant around the windows? I know the top of the windows are a wash so...
  7. M

    Jotul Alpha Bypass Door Gasket Replacement

    Hello, Hoo boy, I am at my wit's end with this one. To actually post in a forum! The house I am in now has a Jotul Alpha, and while it's in pretty good shape, not having been used too much by the previous owners (they preferred the diesel burner) at one point last season I noticed some...
  8. L

    Need glass gasket for dutchwest 2479

    First- thank you to anyone who ever posted here regarding the Dutchwest 2479. With all the info I found here I decided to purchase one to replace a VC Defiant. I LOVE this stove!! In my third season and finding I need to replace the gasket around the glass. Been searching the internet for hours...
  9. J

    Gap between Refractory Assembly & Fireback after regasket

    This year I rebuilt my Winterwarm small for the second time replacing the fireback, damper housing, throat hood and Refractory Assembly. Added 3/8" new gasket from a kit to the same pieces. I did tighten, using a socket, as much as I could. There is a gap between my Refractory and the damper...
  10. T

    Ashley Heritage 5700 questions.

    Hello everyone, New to this forum, not new to forum etiquette. I have searched and searched to no avail... There is not very much info on my stove. I have worked with my general knowledge of things and applied common sense to link other stove solutions to mine but still have a few questions I...
  11. F

    Does heating the gasket rope cause it to expand?

    I replaced the gasket rope on my Englander 17-vl for the first time this summer with Imperial 5/8" dia but it does not create a tight seal. I noticed the rope isnt as rigid as the original Englander rope but's it's the 5/8" required dia. It's summer so I haven't lit the wood stove to cure it...
  12. G

    Majestic Builders Drop in DV Fireplace - gasket on firebox for thermopile wires?

    Hello -- I'm repairing my 2005 Majestic 39BDVR fireplace which won't light. I've done the voltage tests, and after cleaning up the thermopile, it still hovers around 145 mV with the switch "on". 150 is the minimum. Sometimes it gets to 150 and it will light... but I'm pretty sure it's the...
  13. A

    Vermont Castings Resolute III Rebuild we go! I bought an older VC Resolute III and upon my first fire...smoke leaked from everywhere! Rebuild time! This is my first attempt. I ordered a new gasket kit and new cement. Today I completely disassembled the stove & started removing the surface rust. This will be a tedious...
  14. SteveHyper

    Jotul 602N - Damper? Gasket size?

    I just got a Jotul 602N which I'm about to install, wondering if anyone with experience of these would recommend fitting a damper to the flue pipe to control the burn? It's going to be in a wooden barn with a fairly short (3-4 meter) twin wall chimney if that makes a difference. Also the door...
  15. Chamel

    Blaze King New gasket instalation: Please help can't shut door!

    Hello Everyone, hope all is well. I was hoping someone could help me with a issue I'm having installing a new Blaze King gasket for my Sirocco 30. I'll try to make this short. I was getting a smoke smell from where the two ends of my original gasket were meeting on the hinge side of the door...
  16. B

    where to find smoke chamber cover gasket for piazzetti sabrina pellet stove

    Hello all; Does anyone have a supplier that sells the smoke chamber cover gasket for a piazzetta sabrina pellet stove? Thanks BillX
  17. M

    Top plate gasket replacement for Jotul F3

    Hi guys The top plate gasket is basically non-existent on a stove I've just bought used. Just got off the phone to the Jotul suppliers. They say the gasket for the top plate (the big flat cover that sits on top of the stove) is a rope gasket: 9.5mm @ 2m to be precise. How do I install this...
  18. A

    Gasket in Hearthstone Heritage 8021?

    Hi! Hoping you can help! We have a Hearthstone Heritage 8021. It was probably installed 12-14 years ago, before we bought our house. In the past couple of years it has created a creosote smell after burning for about 45 minutes. So... we haven't been using it! We get the chimney cleaned...
  19. movemaine

    Door gasket sealant - do I need to let it fully cure?

    Just replaced my door gasket and I'm wondering if I need to let the gasket sealant (silicone based) to fully cure before turning the stove back on. The sealant only says that it will be cured within 24 hours, but gives no indication of whether the stove can be running or not.
  20. B

    Jotul F3 CB Glass Air Leak

    I recently replaced the door and glass gaskets on my Jotul F3 CB. The Dollar bill test works great on the door, but not on the glass. The glass is held by two clips, one on each side of the glass. When I do the dollar bill test the glass is very tight on the sides, but it fails on the top an...
  21. A

    VC Intrepid II Non-standard Glass Gasket

    I'm doing my first full replacement of gaskets on a Vermont Castings Intrepid II I bought used some years ago. I've replaced the door gasket before but this is my first for griddle and glass gaskets. The strange thing is the glass gasket. What is in there now appears to be non-standard, but at...
  22. A

    Gasket on a Regency R14

    I recently got an old regency r14 from a neighbor, and installed it. Lit the first fire, only to notice that the door is not flush against the stove. Is that a gasket replacement im looking at? I notice the back of the door has a groove where it looks like it should go, and there isn't...
  23. D

    Catalytic Gasket Replacement PH

    Hello all, I just have a quick question about my Progress Hybrid. It is brand new but the gasket around the catalytic was frayed and some not attached. They sent me a new gasket kit. I've cleaned out the place where the gasket was (directly around the catalytic) There are two grooves, on...
  24. K

    Concorde Catalytic Gasket

    Just moved into a rental house with an old Concorde Catalytic stove. Looking to replace one pane of cracked outer glass (sounds like it's just plain old tempered glass from some other postings) and the gaskets for the glass (there's nothing there for gaskets anymore- glass just slides around...
  25. joshkeen

    Buck 26000 Gasket

    The door gasket on my stove is currently the ash bar type (stove was bought refurbished). The stove seams to draw super hard. I done the dollar bill test and the dollar pulls out with no resistance. Is this the correct type of gasket or should it have the rope style? Thanks in advance!
  26. webfish

    Wood Stoves and Fireplaces STOVE GASKET MAINTENANCE

    by Ken Rajesky, Hearth Industry Expert Before you start any procedure involving your product, its important to first check your manufacturers instructions to ensure that the cleaner or the method that you plan to use complies with their requirements. This is especially important if the product...