Gap between Refractory Assembly & Fireback after regasket


Apr 26, 2008
Genessee Township, MI
This year I rebuilt my Winterwarm small for the second time replacing the fireback, damper housing, throat hood and Refractory Assembly. Added 3/8" new gasket from a kit to the same pieces. I did tighten, using a socket, as much as I could.
There is a gap between my Refractory and the damper housing about a key width wide.

Is this normal?

Has anyone ever looked to see if there was a gap? (I did not look last time.)

This first picture is looking down from where the pipe goes out of the top. The other two pictures of the sides seem to show the gasket has good contact.

Looking at the sides pictures - the one where the damper housing is going to the right is the right side, one going to the left the left side - does it look at though the damper housing is lining up correctly with the stove?
Or does it appear to be down a bit?

If this is not right, any ideas on how to correct it would be appreciated.


Jim Mol
LookingdownIMG_8478.jpg LeftsideIMG_8479.jpg RightSideIMG_8480.jpg