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  1. J

    What can I do with this?

    Hello! I posted on here before about my situation with a Vermont Castings Winterwarm fireplace box surrounded by masonry that had a Blaze King installed in it by the previous owner. I finally took the time yesterday to do some demolition and reveal the underlying structure of the fireplace. As...
  2. J

    Gap between Refractory Assembly & Fireback after regasket

    This year I rebuilt my Winterwarm small for the second time replacing the fireback, damper housing, throat hood and Refractory Assembly. Added 3/8" new gasket from a kit to the same pieces. I did tighten, using a socket, as much as I could. There is a gap between my Refractory and the damper...
  3. joeyz101

    Looking at used Vermont Castings WinterWarm Insert

    Hi Everyone - I joined to learn about fireplace inserts a while back after removing the insert that came with the house I purchased. My Father-in-law has a Vermont Castings WinterWarm in his house - it looks great and works very well for their space (it is used to heat their...
  4. W

    Vermont Castings Winterwarm 1280 Damper Adjustment?

    I just finished repairing/rebuilding several parts on my Winterwarm 1280 after 23 years of (mostly) faithful service. All went well (new catalytic converter, new left and right throats, bar grate, front glass etc) but I am still unable to get the damper to fully/firmly close. It swings free...