winterwarm vermont castings wood burning insert.

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    How do I remove the damper from a Vermont Castings Winter Warm Fireplace system?

    I have to replace the gasket on the damper of my Vermont Castings Winter Warm fireplace system. Looks like cleaning out the old cement and gasket and replacing with new gasket is difficult to do without removing the damper. Anyone know how to remove the damper? Thank you.
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    Gap between Refractory Assembly & Fireback after regasket

    This year I rebuilt my Winterwarm small for the second time replacing the fireback, damper housing, throat hood and Refractory Assembly. Added 3/8" new gasket from a kit to the same pieces. I did tighten, using a socket, as much as I could. There is a gap between my Refractory and the damper...
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    Vermont Winter Warm Wood burning Insert.

    Can anyone tell me if I have to completely remove my insert stove from the firebox to replace the flange and damper? This is a old wood burning stove installed in my fireplace. I can no longer open and close the damper in the stove and have the parts to repair it but am wondering if I have to...