Gasket in Hearthstone Heritage 8021?

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Mar 7, 2017

Hoping you can help! We have a Hearthstone Heritage 8021. It was probably installed 12-14 years ago, before we bought our house. In the past couple of years it has created a creosote smell after burning for about 45 minutes. So... we haven't been using it! We get the chimney cleaned annually.

When we look inside, there is a rope gasket that looks like it is stuffed into the upper right front corner. I've looked at drawings and it doesn't look like this should be there. Our theory is that it was put there to fill a gap in broken stone (though we can't see any) and it has absorbed creosote over the years. Does that make sense? Does anyone else have a gasket there?

Would love to solve this mystery so we can use our stove again! We live in Maine, so another couple good months of wood stove weather up here!


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I believe there is a gasket between the stove body and the top iron frame. Is the gasket just visible? Or has it fallen out?