Catalytic Gasket Replacement PH

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Aug 17, 2015
Southwest Virginia
Hello all,
I just have a quick question about my Progress Hybrid. It is brand new but the gasket around the catalytic was frayed and some not attached. They sent me a new gasket kit. I've cleaned out the place where the gasket was (directly around the catalytic) There are two grooves, on near the back of the catalytic and a grove near the front. Should I put some gasket along the bottom groove in the front? or just around the back, where i know that it goes for sure. Also, they said to put the glue on the gasket, place it and then use masking tape to hold it on. How long should I wait before a burn after I place this? Anything else i should be doing?


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Jul 29, 2014
The gasket doesnt even really do anything around the cat in the PH. Up until recently they were just placed in loosely around the cat with no cemet/glue at all.

When i called to ask about it a year or so ago i was told it was intended to be loose and the weight of the cat pressing against it provided an adequate seal. Mine is also frayed on the ends a bit and only really covers about 90% of the area.

They got their epa emissions rating when not using a glued in gasket so i doubt it really improves anything much. They only started glueing them because so many people were calling and asking why it was loose.
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