Sanity Check - Progress Hybrid vs F55

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Feeling the Heat
Dec 16, 2022
I have on order a Woodstock Progress Hybrid and selected it due to Woodstock service and quality, looks and performance. My concerns about it and keeps me thinking maybe the Jotul F55 may be an alternative I should consider. Here is what keeps me thinking about the F55:

- Ease of use for my wife while I travel. She will not enjoy using a complicated stove and we have not had a catalytic stove previously. The last stove we had as a Hearthstone Heritage from 2014-2020 and it worked well for us.

- Second concern is for installation as the Progress Hybrid is over 700lbs and not only do I need to get it up into the house (easy part IMHO) but I have to also lift it about 12” up onto the hearth. I know some have taken the stove apart to move it around but I would prefer not to take apart a stove put together correctly in the factory. The F55 is 475lbs.

- Third is cost as I have to get the chimney lined and capped so this will be $2500-3000 on top of the Progress Hybrid is $4200 +/-. I can get the F55 for $2000.

One reason I did not opt for the F55 initially is I need to rear vent and the flue had to be less than 29” at the top. Based on what I recently have read is there is a short leg kit available that would make it fit. Note I have also ordered the short legs on the Progress Hybrid for the same reason.

So for the experts and any who have either of these stoves, thoughts? My biggest concern is I do not want my wife telling me the new PB is too complicated to run.

Thanks for all feedback in advance.
The F55 price is a steal if that is the complete and final price. The short legs may add some cost. Both are good stoves and it sounds like you have a good handle on the pros and cons. With the Jotul costing half of the Woodstock stove's price and having lower long-term maintenance costs, I can see why it's very attractive.
About the weight of either stove- I’m sure renting the proper pump jack set up will be helpful.
That’s one heck of a deal for an F55! I paid $2k for my F45 2 years ago and I think they’re close to $3k now.

I can see where you’re coming from. My F45 is very easy for my wife to operate, she did stay away from our previous Woodstocks because it was a little more complicated to run with the bypass lever and was afraid she would clog up the cat if she didn’t run it right.
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I would not worry about getting the stove placed.

A couple of jacks and some 2x will easily get it to where it needs to be.

Can't go wrong with either.
The PH is just 2.8 cubic feet. Amazing it’s so heavy. As a cat stove owner, and previous hearthstone noncat heritage owner, I can agree that the cat stoves are significantly more complicated for a novice to operate.
Is the tax credit for the Woodstock any consideration? I think it’s a tough call. Progress looks better IMO. I’d probably get the Jotul.
Is the tax credit for the Woodstock any consideration? I think it’s a tough call. Progress looks better IMO. I’d probably get the Jotul.
Both are eligible I believe.
I stand corrected it does not. Out the door at $2k.
That would be my choice I think. Never having to replace a cat is worth more than 1k over 20 years of the stoves life. The PH is only a side loader only. If that matters.
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Bought the F55 today and also spoke to Woodstock. What a great company and super nice people to deal with. I hopefully be happy with the Jotul as my wife likes easy to operate so it makes the most sense.