Pacific Energy Alderlea T-6 - can’t reinstall door - need help urgently

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Jan 6, 2022
Hello. Door was removed with difficulty to replace glass. Can’t reinstall it. When upper pin is in hole, lower pin can’t be aligned with bottom hole. It’s too long. What am I doing wrong?
This is a bit of a challenge because the door is heavy and aligning the pin can be awkward for one person. If you can get a helper to hold the weight, or at least some of it, then alignment will be easier. Get the top pin started in the top hole on the door, while keeping the door as vertical as possible. Lift it so that the pin goes into the hole as straight as possible. Once the upper hinge pin is all the way up, the door can then be set down on the lower hinge pin.
My husband is helping (and swearing :)). the upper pin is very long. The door has to be leaning a bit to insert it in the upper hole. When its top is threaded in the upper hole, the bottom of the door can’t be brought in enough to engage the lower pin in the lower pin hole.
Pacific Energy Alderlea T-6 - can’t reinstall door - need help urgently
Yes, it's a challenge. Try placing a lever under the hinge side of the door that rests on the ashlip. That can help lift the door into the upper pin's hole. I've only done this once and it was several years ago, but I think I used a crowbar. Put a thick cloth or a thin piece of wood under the lever to protect the stove finish. (Tell him he is not allowed to use the crowbar to vent frustration on the stove. ) The pin needs to go as straight up as possible.
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Something is confusing me. I thought the upper pin was held in place by the top bracket on the stove body and not in the door. Is that the issue here?

Read this thread:
The pin (both of them) is on the door
Yes, I see that. This is not the same as on our T6. It is not the same as the other Alderlea in the thread I just posted either. Does the upper pin pull out of the door?
Yes, see if you can remove the upper hinge pin from the door without using too aggressive force. Wrap it with some cloth and try to pull it out with pliers or vice grips.

Note that my stove is the original T6, from 2008, so I am talking about the way our stove is built. I don't know if PE has changed anything on the newer stoves.
Ours was bought two years ago… how will pulling it out help us? Shouldn’t we try to push it farther in the door?
It can only go so far down into the door, That is so that it doesn't slip out of the top bracket. If the pin comes out, then you should be able to put the door in place with the lower pin in its hole and then align the top of the door with it's hole in the top bracket where the pin goes. If I am right then you should be able to insert the pin from the top of the bracket into the door's top hole where the pin came out of.

Then push the pin into place but no more than flush with the bracket top as shown here.

hinge pin.jpg
Brilliant idea but the darn thing isn’t budging. I’ll contact the local distributor tomorrow for hands on assistance. Thanks a lot. That’s it for tonight.
Try it again in the morning.

If like me the last time I did drum brakes to replace a leaking wheel cylinder, I gave up with a lot of swearing trying to get the shoes and springs back on the hub. Really ticked.

Went together easily in the morning. Really weird.
Yes, good plan. Unless they changed the design, the top pin does not stay in the door. I think that is the issue, especially if someone tried to pound it in further.
Finally got the door back on. My hubby grinded 1/16 inch off the bottom pin and tadah, it popped back in place. Whatever happens we don’t plan on removing it anew. Thanks for your help yesterday.