Pacific Energy Alderlea T6 has very little air control

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Jan 7, 2022
Hello. I have had this Alderlea T6 stove since 2013. It sure seems like I have lost most of my ability to control the airflow.

I have changed the door gasket with the proper PE graphite impregnated gasket. I have changed the gasket in the rear that goes under the secondary burn baffle.

What about the gasket in the bottom that goes to the secondary air box? It is item reference number 20 in the schematic. Does it need to be replaced too?

What about the item #1, secondary burn baffle kit? The baffle (I guess that is what it is called. The metal piece in the top with air holes to burn the gasses) in mine seems to be beat up and a little warped. I can see flames coming out of the rear at the top. I am assuming that is because the gasket back there isn't sealing properly.

How does that flapper thing work in the secondary air box in the bottom?

I have ordered gasket #20 and the baffle gasket and will replace them soon.

I should note that I have the ash door and a cold air kit on this stove. The ash door seals as tightly as it can, but with no gasket I am sure it leaks some air.

Pacific Energy Alderlea T6 has very little air control
Can you post some pictures of the inside of the stove, especially of the baffle? There shouldn't be flames coming out of the back top of the baffle. I'm not sure how one can even see back there unless the baffle box is badly warped.

The air control on these stoves is very simple and unlikely to break. There may be something affecting the draft. Have the flue system cleaned and the cap screen if there is one.
The baffle doesn't look that bad, but that is a lot of ash in the ash pan holder that shouldn't be there at all. The ash is supposed to go in the ash pan only. The ashpan holder area should be relatively clean. It's possible that draft is sucking ash into the EBT. This area should be at least shovel cleaned, asap.