Whitfield Advantage ii-t, Door Latch Adjustment?

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Dec 1, 2015
Spokane County, WA
I recently bought a house that came with a Whitfield Advantage II-t pellet stove. The stove was made in 1994, and has been the primary heat source in the house for the last 20 years.

The door seal is not tight enough to seal on the latch side of the door. I replaced the rope gasket, and the roller pins on the latch and on the handle.

Using the paper test, the seal is tight at the hinge side of the door, but loose at the latch end of the door. And there is a gap at the upper right corner, where I can see down into the firebox. It appears the previous owner had tried to fix this, as there was spent .44 brass over the latch pin and some tape wrapped around that.

It looks like the latch pin needs to be relocated about 3/16" in order to get a seal all the way around the door.
But I could not find any door latch adjustments. I've been thinking about taking off the mounting bracket that the latch pin screws into, and modifying it to relocate the latch pin.

Anybody else run into this problem? Is there any easy fix that I'm not seeing?

Shoot a couple of pictures and maybe someone can find a fix or knows of a replacement.
Friendlydog; here is a picture and directions for your door gasket adjustments.


  • Whitfield Door Gasket Adjustments.JPG
    Whitfield Door Gasket Adjustments.JPG
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I got the door adjusted, and the seal is much improved. It turns out the through holes, for mounting the latch, are slotted. The latch was fully loose in the slots. Adjusting it to fully tight help tremendously. The hinges on my stove are not adjustable. They are fixed and part of a hinge plate that is screwed to the side of the stove. But I was able to space the hinge plate out with a couple of washers. That shifted the door just enough to complete the seal.

This was actually a pretty easy fix. I'm not sure why the previous owner, of 20 years, didn't bother
I have two advantage stoves and the one that I bought new in the early 2000's had the same problem that you had and I adjusted the door using spacers like you did. On the older of the two stoves which I bought used the door is a perfect fit.

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