Adjusting the hinge pins on my Drolet Escape 1800

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Nov 25, 2022
Laval, QC
Here is something that might come in handy to others with this or similar stoves. The door on my Drolet Escape 1800 stove had suddenly begun to have trouble closing, with the handle hitting the bottom of the latch opening. Seems it sagged and I had to lift it up a bit for it to close. The first thing I started to look for was how to adjust it. A few minutes of examination, including lifting the door off showed me that the top hinge pin was a bit loose. Tried tightening the allen screw that holds it there but the door still didn't close properly. Loosened the screw and moved the pin around, which is when I noticed that the pins are eccentric, which is what allows adjustment. Thus turning it so that the visible part of the pin was father away from the door opening causes the door to angle up a bit, and get back into alignment with the latch opening. Similarly, you can rotate both pins to get the door a bit closer to the frame, which can help tighten up the gasket seal if your gasket is starting to leak a bit from wear. Now it closes perfectly, and tightly.
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Nice tip! Thanks.
The instructions are right there in the owner's manual.

The "tip" is: be sure to check those allen screws on a new stove. My two stoves had snug-ish, but definitely not tight screws. The Columbia's pins rotated and the door would not close on a screaming hot load. 😱 That's when I found the eccentric pins and the set screws myself.

Duh. The manual has great instructions on door adjustment. 🤷‍♂️