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    How to build an insert for a chimney liner

    I have a 1927 bungalow with a fireplace. There is a very simple insert consisting of hollow tubes which serve as the wood rack. There is a blower which circulates the hot air into the room. We've used the fireplace every winter for over 30 years. The chimney is now in disrepair and I would like...
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    I need to find a Rayl burner wood burning stove. My dad made them when I was little. 2 sizes and some custom. I’d like to find one to buy. He is 80 years old now. Jerry Rayl is the tool maker that made them. Please let me know if anyone knows of one for sale. [email protected]
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    Need to say a huge thank you to BKVP for helping us get an installation issue corrected.

    The original installer didn't quite get it right and we ended up with no draft and smoke in the house 14 months after the original install. BKVP asked some questions via pm and by phone and then the company got a hold of the dealer that sold/installed the Blaze King Princess 30.2 and things were...
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    Left swing door stoves (open right)?

    Hive mind! I'm desperate for a left swing door (right side load) wood stove. I designed a custom space with the wood box/bin on the right, not considering door swing, and ordered a stove...then realized the door opens the wrong way :( Amateur mistake! Looking for *low side clearances* because...
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    What is name of this wood burner

    What is name of this wood burner there is a few things that need replaced but i have no idea where to get anything plz help
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    Short (in height) wood burner

    I have an arched brick fireplace that we'd like to put a wood burning stove in so that it could provide some heat. Currently we don't light the fireplace in the winter and we would like to. The challenge is, the arch is only 27 inches high in the middle, and 25.5 inches high where a wood...
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    How do I figure out sq ft with high ceilings??

    This is probably something I should know but I'm going crazy over trying to pick the right wood burner and I can't figure out my sq footage. I'm putting the stove in my basement that has a bedroom off the room it will be in. Next to the stove area there are stairs that open to the rest of my...