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  1. A

    Drolet installation

    Just got a new Drolet Columbia II and am having a little trouble with the installation. Based on the picture you can see that I obviously have to cut the existing 8" flue pipe. Even if I cut it to the exact right height, I'm not sure how to slide the Drolet underneath and get the flue pipe to...
  2. J

    Jotul 118 first install

    Hello all, new to forum. I have a jotul 118 wood burning stove and I am struggling to meet the install code requirements (or even figure them out). Attached is the area I intend to put the stove. The thimble was preexisting so I will be getting a new 6in for stove. I am willing to build a shield...
  3. W

    Wood Stove Installation

    I am looking to replace a 1960s Preway fireplace with a more efficient wood stove in a cabin in Lake Tahoe, CA. I need information on an appropriate model for an open space in a smallish A-frame home. More than this, I need to know realistic expectations for cost to install. I have received two...
  4. A

    Need to say a huge thank you to BKVP for helping us get an installation issue corrected.

    The original installer didn't quite get it right and we ended up with no draft and smoke in the house 14 months after the original install. BKVP asked some questions via pm and by phone and then the company got a hold of the dealer that sold/installed the Blaze King Princess 30.2 and things were...
  5. S

    Damaged chimney

    I recently had an Ambiance Hipster 20 and stove pipe installed by a professional fireplace company. The stove was working great for the first month and a half, but we got a good amount of snow (nothing too crazy) and once it warmed up enough to slide off the metal roof, it took out the top...
  6. Q

    Old decrepit fireplace(s); Want to Replace w/ Freestanding Wood Stoves

    Hello all, First post - long time lurker! I have done my best to research my question. @msb91932 seems to have a similar situation in replacing the fireplace with a wood stove installed inside of it. But in reading this forum and others, and talking to multiple install companies, I have been...
  7. H

    New wood stove install, safety question

    Hi, I just had a new Regency 5-1150 installed in my tinderbox death trap ( all original 1969 Lamplighter mobile home), and I was hoping I could get some input from people on here who are waaaaaay smarter than I am in this department? I’m adding some photos, just wanted to know if everything...
  8. TheBurghBees

    Venting Wood Stove Into Back of Chimney

    Hi All! New to the Forum. We are in the midst of a sun room remodel. This space is an insulated enclosed porch, adjacent to our living room. The existing wood-burning fireplace in the living room will require a new liner (at best) and/or insert to become functional again. We haven't yet...
  9. P

    Wood stove ceiling clearance with stove tucked halfway in alcove

    Hello all, First off this community is amazing. I have been reading threads and researching for our new stove for the past month and this website has by far bee nthe greatest resource. Every night when I get on this forum I crumble up my design paper and throw it away and realize that my...
  10. W

    Insulation shields and air vent

    Hey guys, I'm new to the stove world and will be installing my first wood stove in the next couple of weeks. Couple of quick things I can't seem to find the answer to. 1. I have a drywall ceiling in my living room, but then a foot or two above that is a second set of ceiling joists with a...
  11. C

    Jotul C550 Rockland Insert height requirements

    Hey everyone. First time posting here but didn’t see anything quite related to this question. I’m about to purchase a Jotul C550 Rockland insert. I was just looking at dimensions and it shows the opening height requirement is 23 3/4”. Due to the slightly uneven bricks on the floor of the...
  12. S

    Is this gasket good ?

    Hi, I just had my wood stove installed and the gasket seems teared up. Is this good ? I don't want to be picky with the installator but with the price tag on this stove I expect to be fully functional. What you all think ?
  13. R

    H&G Escape 35 - installation confirmation

    I am installing my natural gas Escape 35 and in the installation instructions it indicates to remove the panels on either side of the unit that cover up the electronics and never instructs to reinstall them. It seems as if these panels remain removed the circulating fan would pull some air...
  14. M

    Help with indoor wood furnace

    I am wanting to install an indoor wood furnace into my basement. My chimney has a thimble at the first floor where I have a wood stove, the thimble in the basement currently has a oil furnace connected to it. The heat exchanger recently cracked on the oil furnace so I am wanting to put a wood...
  15. S

    What are my options for installing a wood stove in my living room?

    A few years ago I was interested in putting in a wood stove in my living room that currently has a fireplace. The guy who stopped by my house to quote said that my fireplace has a "zig-zag flue" so the liner couldn't be installed. He seemed sort of disinterested and didn't stay for long so I...
  16. C

    Inside Corner Flue Clearance Concerns

    Last year, I bought a home in CNY with 2 wood stoves already installed. After tinkering somewhat over the past winter, I've decided that I would like to replace both stoves in order to try to heat primarily with wood. Of concern is the downstairs small Jotul corner setup, particularly the...
  17. L

    New Installation

    We finished our basement with a gas rough-in for a future fireplace. It is clear to me that I will need to have a frame built before an authorized dealer will install. 1. Who should I contact to properly build the frame? A builder? 2. What all will the fireplace dealer install? What will they...
  18. harbinger50

    Clearances Reduction thoughts for Mama Bear

    Hi everyone! New to the forum and trying to read as much as I can, but still wanted to post up with a couple ideas and or questions. I got a mama bear from a friend who's grandparents had moved it out to a shop for storage for the last 30+ years. Outside of some surface rust (took care of...
  19. J

    Need advice on stove installation

    Hi everybody! I just bought a new house that has a spot for a wood stove but the stove pipe coming out of the wall is too high for the stoves I've been looking at. I've never had a wood stove before but it seems like I'm pretty limited by having a stove pipe inlet coming out of the wall rather...
  20. M

    DIY Stove Replacement? 8" to 6" and other new guy questions

    Hi all, I'm a new wood stove owner trying to do his homework. I have a lot to learn. I bought a house with an old Hearthstone H1 in the basement (the upstairs has gas heat, but not the finished basement). About 1000 square feet up and down. I replaced the glass and gaskets (both needed doing)...
  21. F

    Woodstock IS delivery and install

    Anybody here have experience finding someone to take delivery and professionally install a Woodstock stove? Bonus points if you've had a good experience with someone in southern Maine! I'd be ready to pull the trigger on a new WS IS purchase today if they had local dealers that could handle...
  22. J

    Still Researching... but I am thinking of Woodstock Absolute Steel

    Hey Guys, Thank you very much for your responses and time. My wire and I have finally saved enough to get a stove. I have a fireplace that is not usable and my place is about 1600 square feet. I thought I could install a wood stove (have about 25% sticking into the fire place and 75%...
  23. S

    Cracking plaster around fireplace

    Our fireplace was modified two years ago for a wood stove by installing a stainless opening up the existing fire box, installing a lintel, adding brick and cement board w/portland cement, installing a chimney liner, and then plastering over it all with 0:1:3 (cement: hydrated lime: sand). By...
  24. N

    Jøtul 3 Install in Masonry Chimney

    I will be installing a Jøtul 3 into an existing masonry chimney over the summer. The stove is set up to vent out of the back. My question is do I use a tee with a clean out, a 90° or two 45°'s to make the first turn up? I am going to run stainless steel single wall up the entire length of the...
  25. CodyR4

    Installing through the wall.

    Hi, I have decided to install my wood stove through the wall due to fear of asbestos being in my ceiling, my house is old af. So a couple questions I will provide pictures, does my stove already have a heat shield? Can I go through the wall DIRECTLY beside the window? If my wood stove does have...
  26. M

    Bought an Old VC Defiant

    Hello I am new to the forum, but decided to join recently. This is my first wood stove so I am out of my element. That being said any advice is appreciated. I recently bought an old Vermont Castings Defiant that was casted in late 1970's. Very beautiful stove; solid nickel handles, intricate...
  27. H

    Wood stove install struggles - what's the right adapter?

    Hi, folks! We are trying to set up a wood stove in our basement and have some kind of double-walled chimney pipe sticking out from the brick wall about 4.5". Neither the 6" nor the 8" Selkirk "universal chimney adapter" quite fit. From what I have read/seen, it seems we don't need a masonry...
  28. seaninnj

    Time lapse - German Schmeer and fireplace insert install

    Took the GoPro and setup a time lapse to capture the application of the german shimmer on the old fireplace brick. We love how it turned out. Thanks all for the tips on how to get this done without too much fuss.
  29. RandyPetersen

    Help with installation of old Country Flame Fireplace Insert

    Okay, so I leaped before I looked, mistakes were made. I am trying to save some money this winter and burn some of the firewood I currently have. Our house is small but not very well insulated. Built pre-WW2 and insulation wasn't used in most places. Very limited budget so I am trying to do the...
  30. F

    Installation - Jotul 550CF

    I have been reading and occasionally posting on the forum for awhile. I finally bought and had installed a new Jotul 550CF today by Kring's Hearth and Home in Southeastern, PA. Here are some photos of the installation and the block off plate that they agreed to install as well. You can see how...