Jotul C550 Rockland Insert height requirements

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New Member
Aug 22, 2021
Hey everyone. First time posting here but didn’t see anything quite related to this question.

I’m about to purchase a Jotul C550 Rockland insert. I was just looking at dimensions and it shows the opening height requirement is 23 3/4”. Due to the slightly uneven bricks on the floor of the fireplace, my opening is mostly 23 3/4” with one low spot in the center at 23 5/8” or maybe even closer to 23 1/2”. Think it will still fit? How true is that 23 3/4”? There is a lintel across the top which keeps me from making any adjustments on the upper. Once past the lintel, the height inside the fireplace opens up quite a bit.



Staff member
Nov 18, 2005
South Puget Sound, WA
23 3/4" is the minimum and that would be tight. The high spots may need to be ground down a bit.


Minister of Fire
Jun 5, 2015
Southeast CT
I just measured my 550. I didn’t pull the surround but pretty confident that the exact height is that 23 3/4 figure. Sorry about that.


New Member
Aug 22, 2021
Got it. Thanks! Gonna have to see what I can figure out. Will be so bummed. I’ve always wanted this insert. We just moved to a new place and I was sure it was gonna fit!


New Member
Oct 13, 2021
What about bust out the bricks and pour some concrete at a lower height. Otherwise put the lintel in higher. I know my 550 had leveling feet on it. Maybe remove these if they are part of the overall height measurement.