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New Member
Oct 5, 2023
Wellsville ny
Hello all, new to forum. I have a jotul 118 wood burning stove and I am struggling to meet the install code requirements (or even figure them out). Attached is the area I intend to put the stove. The thimble was preexisting so I will be getting a new 6in for stove. I am willing to build a shield if necessary but need to know the size of hearth and distance from walls/ windows. The manual is a bit confusing to me with few details.
The stove dimensions 32in long by 14in wide.
Any help would be immensely appreciated!

Which model of this stove is being installed. The pre-EPA F118 or the more modern F118CB? Does the stove have a spin-draft door with no glass?
The manual is a bit confusing. It was written for international standards.

Is there a UL label on the back of the stove? If not, it needs to be installed as an unlisted stove.
What is being considered, a corner install or one where the stove side is parallel to the right wall and rear-vented?
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