Need advice on stove installation

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Dec 5, 2018
Hi everybody! I just bought a new house that has a spot for a wood stove but the stove pipe coming out of the wall is too high for the stoves I've been looking at. I've never had a wood stove before but it seems like I'm pretty limited by having a stove pipe inlet coming out of the wall rather than down from the ceiling, My mid-line is 28 inches.
I was looking at getting a Jotul but the exit for the one I liked was at about 22 1/2 inches. I'm not crazy about busting up the tile that it will be sitting on - are there any pedestals or something like that to help with this type of thing. I thought about getting a big piece of flagstone but I don't know if I could get an exact height and it would be a bear just to carry it in!
Have you looked at any of the Woodstock line of stoves? I don’t know exact nights but know some of there newer steel stoves have adjustable legs which may get you very close.
How can it be too high? I dont get it.

Too low maybe.
Can you show us a pic of your setup?
One option is to raise the stove by building up the hearth height.

What Jotul are you considering?
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Bricks under the legs or pedestal or a similar non-combustible material in essence a pad on a pad