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  1. D

    Harman P61A won't shut off

    We use this stove to heat a hoophouse with double poly layers inflated with a blower overnight in the winter. So we set the flame to be on constantly until we manually shut of the stove in the morning. But when we set the dial to "off", it just keeps running and augering the pellets in until we...
  2. Brownstone mony pit

    A p61a, accentra 52i, and a serenity walk into a stone house.... looking for advice

    Hello! I have a few questions about what would be the best setup for some new stoves I've acquired this summer. I got a castle serenity back in January and it paid for itself this past winter with a 1000 dollar savings of oil. So instead of paying another $4500 for the hotwater baseboard to...
  3. B

    Help Needed!!! Harman P61A vent options for existing chimney

    Hey guys! I am a newbie to the pellet stove thing and just picked up a Harman P61A to replace my coal stove in the family room. Thought that it would be easy to just call the local dealer and have them install it. Well they quoted me $1,200.00. Really need an affordable option and not sure how...