flue pipe proximity to electric wiring and studs

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Jan 4, 2018
Greetings from the northeast. I just bought a mobile home this year. I need a backup heat source, so I plan on installing a pellet stove. I am familiar with the necessary clearances in relation to doors, windows, and combustibles, but my flue pipe would be running very close to some electrical wiring, and a stud. How far does my flue pipe need to be from wiring, and studs? with a direct vent setup the flue would be in contact with the outer sheathing, so I don't see the stud being a problem, but the electrical wiring is what has me worried. would the double wall vent get hot enough to melt any wiring?
Yes it gets hot enough to melt wires. You should contact your local code officer and get the low down from him/her. Also ck with your insurance co. You’re going to need a pellet vent installation kit to
If u have your wall thimbals in place then it will be good. Your stove pipe has a air gap and do does the thimbals.

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