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  1. C

    Wiring thermostat to run fan for heat exchanger instead of trying to run propane.

    So I have a Coleman LP/NG furnace/AC model number is FC35CXC1A hooked to a Pro1 T701 thermostat. The propane portion of the furnace hasn't worked since we bought the house in 2021 (no tank, the line is gone, they basically never hooked the propane side of it up) we brought our outdoor wood...
  2. L

    Wire Heat pump & Harman accentra 52i to one thermostat

    Hey everyone, My wife and I just purchased a Harman accentra 52i for the first floor fireplace of our 2 story home. We have a 2 zone electric heat pump system both units are newer trane units with heat strips. We are located in Pennsylvania. I have been doing some research now for a few weeks...
  3. R

    flue pipe proximity to electric wiring and studs

    Greetings from the northeast. I just bought a mobile home this year. I need a backup heat source, so I plan on installing a pellet stove. I am familiar with the necessary clearances in relation to doors, windows, and combustibles, but my flue pipe would be running very close to some electrical...
  4. J

    Wiring Question - Can I disconnect 1 of my blower motors?

    Hi, new to posting here, usually I just read others. I have an Avalon Rainer 90 with Front blower. I have 1 blower motor which is shot. Just ordered a new assembly to install, but it won't be here for 5 days or so. Wondering if I can just cut the black power wire going into the bad motor and...
  5. sksmass

    temp fix: can I replace my thermostat with a single-pole light switch?

    NOT wired to AC obviously! Here's the situation: My upstairs thermostat which controls my NG baseboard heat upstairs died. It is just a simple R/W thermostat. Hardware store is closed. Two questions: Q1) Can I temporarily swap it with my basement pellet stove thermostat (also just an R/W)...
  6. C

    Wiring a Wall Switch to a Honeywell RV8310 gas valve

    Hi, I purchased a house with a Lennox Spectra (LSS-40CN) that has a Honeywell RV8310E gas valve. Remotes for this unit are not longer available and I was hoping to wire in a wall switch to turn it on and off. Here is a link to the manual, Honeywells website seems to be under maintenance but I...
  7. M

    Looking for Heilsa QCPS-28000 control board, wiring diagram

    I have a Heilsa QCPS-28000 which came from Canadian tire many moons ago! I'm in need of a control board, and would also like to have a copy of a wiring diagram if anyone has one.