temp fix: can I replace my thermostat with a single-pole light switch?

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Hearth Supporter
Dec 21, 2009
Western MA
NOT wired to AC obviously!

Here's the situation:
My upstairs thermostat which controls my NG baseboard heat upstairs died. It is just a simple R/W thermostat. Hardware store is closed.

Two questions:
Q1) Can I temporarily swap it with my basement pellet stove thermostat (also just an R/W) until I can get a new one for the NG?
Q2: And while I'm using the pellet stove thermostat upstairs can I just wire my basement pellet stove R/W wires through a single pole light switch (which I have plenty of lying around) and just use it like an on/off switch?

This seems fine to me but i want to make sure.