Wiring Question - Can I disconnect 1 of my blower motors?

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New Member
Dec 16, 2017
Hi, new to posting here, usually I just read others. I have an Avalon Rainer 90 with Front blower. I have 1 blower motor which is shot. Just ordered a new assembly to install, but it won't be here for 5 days or so. Wondering if I can just cut the black power wire going into the bad motor and cap it. I'd like to run at least the 1 good motor for now, even though it will be half efficiency. Better than no blower.

Do I need to be concerned with this affecting the remaining blower from an electrical standpoint? I'm handy, but not an expert with electrical wiring. Don't think there should be a problem, but thought I'd post the question at least.

Thanks for the help!!
Not sure about the eletricals, others will weigh in, but I wouldn't run the stove too hot, fearing that different parts of the stove might expand at different rates..I dunno.
That's what I was thinking too...1 motor with 2 blower wheels on it...that's how most of them are