blower issues

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  1. G

    Earth Stove BV 4000C Blower Repair

    First time poster- hope I'm posting in the right place.. I have an older (70s or 80s?) Earth Stove that I believe to be model BV 4000C. We had a contractor come out to look at it and the blower specifically to see if we could get it repaired. He took a quick look and noted that some parts were...
  2. hearthtools

    Blowers need to be cleaned

    Long time no post I just wanted to share this humorous video because I have been to so many home behind other service techs that charge 400$ for pellet service and don't clean blowers. Every appliance I service I will pull blowers that can be removed and clean. Blower cleaning
  3. J

    Classic Bay 1200 help - blower fan

    So I took my Classic Bay 1200 out to the garage and did a deep cleaning this fall. I also replaced the window and door gaskets. The first issue I had when I plugged everything back together was it was not dropping pellets. A close look at the thermocouple and I noticed a wire was broken. I just...
  4. R

    Pacific Energy Vista (general questions)

    hi everyone, I have a P.E. Vista 30 and I’m having issues with my temperature controlled blower which it came with. Basically my stove can be full burn for hours and the blower would turn off. Meaning the thermostat control wasn’t recognizing the amount of heat. Does any one have experience...
  5. F

    Blower power intermittent, Majestic DV580 w/ Honeywell rf control valve

    We have a 17 year old Majestic/Vermont Casting DV580 propane fireplace with a Honeywell rf control valve. We have flame and no issues with the fireplace flame working or with gas flow, so now our concern is that there is something wrong with the control valve as the blower does plug into that...
  6. S

    Confusion around stove temp and and blower control.

    Hello, and thanks for reading and your time to respond if you choose to. I have an Englands Wood Stove (Model 13-NC) with a glass front. I am concerned because often after putting a large log in the stove, my thermostat often shoots up into the > 600-degree range, which I have been advised is...
  7. D

    Blower replacement in Vermont Castings Sequoia

    Greetings. I have a Vermont Castings Sequoia Catalytic fireplace that's about 8 years old. The blower sounds like a blender full of rocks, time to replace. My issue is the openings on the front that access the area under the firebox where the fan goes are 4" tall. The blower unit requires a 5"...
  8. S

    Fireplace Insert Blower Blowing Smoke

    I am new to wood burning heat this winter. I had a Fireplace Xtrordinair (Travis) Large Flush mounted wood burning fireplace insert installed in September. I've had a few issues with it over the winter, first being that the catalytic combuster fell out into the firebox in the middle of a...
  9. C

    Blower issues whitfield

    Whitfield model #91415 Blower keeps shutting down. Starts great but blower reduces after about 10 seconds. Any help?
  10. J

    Wiring Question - Can I disconnect 1 of my blower motors?

    Hi, new to posting here, usually I just read others. I have an Avalon Rainer 90 with Front blower. I have 1 blower motor which is shot. Just ordered a new assembly to install, but it won't be here for 5 days or so. Wondering if I can just cut the black power wire going into the bad motor and...
  11. M

    Lopi Berkshire stove

    The blower on my Lopi Berkshire stove (part #99000153) is not working properly. It turns of for a couple minutes at a time and then shuts off for ~ 5 minutes before coming back on again for a couple of minutes. It used to just keep blowing until we turned it off. Any help is appreciated.
  12. C

    PSG Caddy wood/electricity furnace blower issues

    Good morning! I had a PSG caddy wood/electricity furnace installed 1 month ago and I'm really satisfied with it so far. Since yesterday I have a problem with the blower. When the blower is at speed 6, it doesn't work correctly and make a big roaring sound. Its look like that it doesn't push...
  13. S

    My pellet stove runs full all the time and burns out

    Hi, I'm new to pellet stoves and don't know much about them. I bought a used Englander 25-PDV made in 2008. It seems to be a good stove and throws off some serious heat. Unfortunately last year ran full power (auger continuously feeding) and burn lots of pellets. We just turned it off when it...
  14. S

    Lopi Liberty - Blower question/issue

    Hi all, Brand new to the forum but have been cruising the threads for a week or so trying to get a grasp on what is happening with my stove. I purchased a new house in NH and the temps have started to drop outside. In order to prep for the winter I have started to get familiar with my stoves, a...
  15. Jaw818

    St. Croix Auburn convection fan

    The bearings went out of my fan last night, there are no dealers near me anymore, and online everything is $200 or more. Is there a cheaper option, or where can I get a bearing kit and how difficult is it to replace the bearings? Thanks in advance
  16. S

    When plugged in, exhaust blower not turning on (Quadra-Fire Santa Fe)

    Hello! We purchased a home this past August that had a Quadra-Fire Santa Fe pellet stove installed. They left us the manual and cleaning tools, which we have done bi-weekly and as needed. Being in Minnesota, we started using it pretty regularly this past November and never had any issues. Last...
  17. Mike Z

    How to replace blower snap disc

    I have a 4 year old Lopi Declaration - insert, not stove. The blower has become intermittent lately (the fan motors seem to work fine, except for the annoying occasional vibration that has been part of the package since inception) and my dealer suggested I replace the snap disc (part 250-00311)...