Blower replacement in Vermont Castings Sequoia

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New Member
Nov 1, 2018
Greetings. I have a Vermont Castings Sequoia Catalytic fireplace that's about 8 years old. The blower sounds like a blender full of rocks, time to replace. My issue is the openings on the front that access the area under the firebox where the fan goes are 4" tall. The blower unit requires a 5" opening. I cannot get the defective unit out and I can't see how a new one can go in. Am I missing something obvious? I read the owner's manual and searched here and Google, all to no avail. Thank you all in advance.
A LOT of fireplaces & inserts have this issue with blower removal & install.
The blower usually needs to be turned 90 degrees from its installed position
& as it's pulled toward the opening it needs to be tilted with the exhaust slots
at about 45 degrees back from vertical. It'll be tight, but it should come out.
Before replacing, give it a very good cleaning. It may be shaking from imbalance created by accumulated dust and dirt. While out oil if at all possible too.
Thank you all for replying. The solution was I had to disassemble the center box from the unit. It comes off in two pieces. The first is a cover held by one screw. The second is attached to the frame by 4 screws through rubber isolators.

That worked to remove the defective one and to get the new one in. Reassembling the new unit in the cramped space took time and patience. Once I got that done, the rest of the replacement was very straightforward.