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  1. J

    What can I do with this?

    Hello! I posted on here before about my situation with a Vermont Castings Winterwarm fireplace box surrounded by masonry that had a Blaze King installed in it by the previous owner. I finally took the time yesterday to do some demolition and reveal the underlying structure of the fireplace. As...
  2. kemarkham

    C3 Draft

    Well it is zero degrees and my new C3 VC stove has no draft. Chimney pipe good, clean good, vacuum good, The minute I close the door 20 seconds later flame go's out. Only used 20 fires so far. How complicated can these be ? I am totally bewildered. Coldest day of the year and stove not functioning.
  3. C

    Kaowool Fluff? Resolute Acclaim infill beside combustion package

    I'm in the process of refurbishing our Vermont Castings Resolute Acclaim 2490. I have a new combustion package on order but I'm having difficulty identifying the fluff on the left and right sides of it. In the picture, to the left and the right of the combustion package, there is some type of...
  4. F

    How to do your first burns for new Vermont Castings Dauntless wood stove

    Family just had a Vermont Castings “Dauntless” black wood stove professionally installed today in new cabin in northern Adirondacks. Installers recommended at least three burns at 200 deg, 400, and 600. How long should we run each test bum at these temperatures? Do you shut stove down once you...
  5. J

    VC Dutchwest 2461 cracked

    Hello all, this is my first post on here. I'll try to keep it concise. I have a VC Dutchwest 2461. Not sure of how old it is. I bought my house in 2020 and the stove came with it. I've used it on and off for the last couple years. I noticed a crack on the right side of the stove a couple...
  6. J

    vermont castings intrepid flexburn trouble controlling burn

    I am having trouble controlling the burn of my VC intrepid. I opted not to get the cat and have it installed with stainless liner in two story chimney. Starting end of the season last year I was often unable to control the burn using the air control. The damper will be closed and the air...
  7. R

    Need Honeywell Comfort Control Valve Remote Control RT8220A For Vermont Castings Fireplace

    I have an older model VC stove (DV580). This stove uses Honeywell Comfort Control valve system that was discontinued. I found some older threads about this issue on this forum. This stove uses the RT8220A remote control. I have attached a photo of it. It cannot be operated by a universal remote...
  8. D

    Replacing a VC Resolute Acclaim combustion package

    I'm continuing this discussion as a new thread, because I misnamed my stove in the old thread, and now it's more about replacing the combustion package than it is about cleaning. I have a Resolute Acclaim with a tag on the back that says serial number 2847. That seems short for a serial number...
  9. D

    Vermont Castings Reliant cleaning question

    I cleaned my chimney today for the first time since I installed my used VC Reliant (with a top draft). When I went to clean out the stove, I wasn't sure if I was actually getting all of the soot and creosote or it if was going back behind a steel (or probably cast iron) plate that has a row of...
  10. J

    Vermont Castings Explorer Questions

    Hi there. I just purchased an unused Vermont Castings Explorer fireplace insert. It’s been sitting in a garage and has some rust on it. Not sure if this cast iron insert was coated or painted. Any suggestions as to how I can deal with the light rust spots? Please see pictures. Thanks in advance.
  11. bikeshopguy345

    Did I buy the wrong stove?

    The situation: I live in North MS in a 1500sq.ft. ranch style home. We are on our first season with the Vermont Castings Aspen C3. We bought the stove with the intention of supplementing our 3ton heat pump central unit when the temps get below freezing. We really like the stove. It looks...
  12. M

    Vermont Castings Aspen C3 Misses the Mark

    Installed my brand new VC Aspen C3 last month and I’m not impressed. Let me start by saying the advertised burn time of 10 hours is false advertising. Packing the firebox full at night will get you 4–6 hours. I would love to know where they came up with 10 hours. Getting a fire started is...
  13. A

    Advise for wood burning insert

    Greetings, I am looking for a new wood burning insert for a masonry fireplace. Looking for some suggestions. I have a 3500 Sq. Ft. 2 story house and am looking for something that can keep the lower story warm as a secondary heat source. Planning to use it occasionally in Seattle, WA. I really...
  14. M

    Selkirk DSP and Vermont Castings Compatibility

    Hi, I’m trying to install my new Vermont Castings Aspen C3 wood stove. It’s replacing a stove, so I’d like to use the same stove pipe and chimney system I have in place already. Problem is, is it seems the stove is not compatible with any of the selkirk dsp components. The telescoping double...
  15. A

    VC Dauntless, problems with smoke

    Hello! New to this forum. We installed a new Vermont Castings Dauntless in November. We have been having an issue with smoke coming into our house when we are loading the stove and cannot figure it out. Any insight would be helpful! We had it professionally installed and the dealer has been to...
  16. D

    Vermont Castings Defiant question

    Hello! I'm looking to get into the wood stove life and have found a used Vermont Castings Defiant that I'm hoping to purchase. Looking for some guidance on if this looks like a stove in good condition, and worth investing in. *I saw the Vermont Castings sub thread but wasn't sure if this...
  17. S

    Broken piece attaching flue collar

    I bought an old VC Resolute. The bolts in the back to the flue collar and extension were corroded or cemented on. Could not apply any torque without stripping the head. I ended up having to drill out, but the screw forced the bit off a straight path. I tapped in new threads; due to the odd path...
  18. S

    DAMPER ISSUE- Rebuilding Vermont Castings 2190

    I bought this stove a month ago for $300. It had some surface rust, For sure needed door gaskets, But otherwise in really good shape. At first glance my guess was it was only used occasionally for supplemental heat. Nonetheless, I wanted to atleast check the refractory and catalyst. I ended up...
  19. E

    VC Defiant - Where is primary air intake?

    I recently bought a new VC Defiant wood stove. I previously had a white enamel Jotul Firelight 2... they are very similar stoves in terms of capacity and top-loading and looks. I read all the bad reviews on this site and others about VC but i loved that it was top-loading and looked so similar...
  20. E

    Any firsthand experience with new VC Intrepid Flexburn?

    Does anyone have the new VC Intrepid Flexburn? Looks like they discontinued the Intrepid II. The new model has a bottom swingout ashpan with pan/lid combo that can be lifted right off of the door for emptying. Also can be purchased with or without a cat....and designed for operating either way...
  21. H

    Bad installation

    Hello, Apologies if any of this sounds ignorant. I've never owned/used a wood stove before, but I love the idea as a supplemental heat source as well as backup in the event of prolonged power outage. My wife and I purchased a house back in March with a 1986 Defiant Encore installed in the...
  22. D

    Blower replacement in Vermont Castings Sequoia

    Greetings. I have a Vermont Castings Sequoia Catalytic fireplace that's about 8 years old. The blower sounds like a blender full of rocks, time to replace. My issue is the openings on the front that access the area under the firebox where the fan goes are 4" tall. The blower unit requires a 5"...
  23. T

    Old(er) Vermont Castings Defiant

    I've got an old VC Defiant and was wondering if someone could estimate its manufacturing year. The production plate around backside of it can't be deciphered except for the serial no. which is 01977 or 017393, it's very hard to read. Would appreciate any ideas on what year it was made and any...
  24. A

    Seeking Advice on Wood Insert

    Hello, I am looking to purchase a small insert (fireplace depth is only 17"). Considering VC Montpelier or possibly Regency CI1250. I would like to burn bio bricks or a split wood alternative. This is replacing a very old Surdiac Coal stove. Looking for advice... some questions include: advice...
  25. T

    Vermont Castings Resolute 1979

    Hey folks, been reading for a while trying to figure out a solution to a problem I have. I came across this stove via a friend who's auntie owns stables. she put up this stove on facebook ''free to someone who can collect''. I thought it looked nice, and despite having ZERO prior stove...
  26. G

    Defiant stove

    Hey experts . . . I have a stove I would like to sell but before I post it to my local craigslist I am wondering if anyone can educate me on what it may be worth. I am attaching some pictures. It has a couple legs that need to be bolted back on and it’s missing the 4th leg. Not sure what else I...
  27. A

    Vermont Castings Resolute III Door Issue

    I was almost finished rebuilding my Resolute III when disaster struck...I broke a hinge off the right side door! I was in luck because I found someone on this forum that I got a door from...AWESOME! But, when I went to put the door on I noticed that the frame around the glass was different...the...
  28. DIYstoveGUY

    Please look at your VC Montpelier and check something for me please!

    Can someone please look at both the door and stove hinge and see if they BOTH have spacers behind them? For some reason mine are not on the door side but the diagram shows that they should be there.... Thank you for looking in advance
  29. DIYstoveGUY

    HELP with VC Montpelier secondary burn issues

    So I'm new to the forum and a couple years deep into wood stove burning. This may be long winded so I do apologize but the more info I give you, the better you may be able to help me. I have a exterior fireplace (16ft) that I installed a vogelzang colonial insert a couple years ago. The thing...
  30. shaman

    Wood stoves and best burn times

    Hello y'all... This is my first post. I joined the forums on this site after lurking in the shadows for about 6 months. (nothing perverted mind you ;-p just trying to learn more by reading as much as I can) This is my first winter relying on wood as my primary and only source of heat. Last...