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  1. E

    Any firsthand experience with new VC Intrepid Flexburn?

    Does anyone have the new VC Intrepid Flexburn? Looks like they discontinued the Intrepid II. The new model has a bottom swingout ashpan with pan/lid combo that can be lifted right off of the door for emptying. Also can be purchased with or without a cat....and designed for operating either way...
  2. H

    Bad installation

    Hello, Apologies if any of this sounds ignorant. I've never owned/used a wood stove before, but I love the idea as a supplemental heat source as well as backup in the event of prolonged power outage. My wife and I purchased a house back in March with a 1986 Defiant Encore installed in the...
  3. D

    Blower replacement in Vermont Castings Sequoia

    Greetings. I have a Vermont Castings Sequoia Catalytic fireplace that's about 8 years old. The blower sounds like a blender full of rocks, time to replace. My issue is the openings on the front that access the area under the firebox where the fan goes are 4" tall. The blower unit requires a 5"...
  4. T

    Old(er) Vermont Castings Defiant

    I've got an old VC Defiant and was wondering if someone could estimate its manufacturing year. The production plate around backside of it can't be deciphered except for the serial no. which is 01977 or 017393, it's very hard to read. Would appreciate any ideas on what year it was made and any...
  5. A

    Seeking Advice on Wood Insert

    Hello, I am looking to purchase a small insert (fireplace depth is only 17"). Considering VC Montpelier or possibly Regency CI1250. I would like to burn bio bricks or a split wood alternative. This is replacing a very old Surdiac Coal stove. Looking for advice... some questions include: advice...
  6. T

    Vermont Castings Resolute 1979

    Hey folks, been reading for a while trying to figure out a solution to a problem I have. I came across this stove via a friend who's auntie owns stables. she put up this stove on facebook ''free to someone who can collect''. I thought it looked nice, and despite having ZERO prior stove...
  7. G

    Defiant stove

    Hey experts . . . I have a stove I would like to sell but before I post it to my local craigslist I am wondering if anyone can educate me on what it may be worth. I am attaching some pictures. It has a couple legs that need to be bolted back on and it’s missing the 4th leg. Not sure what else I...
  8. A

    Vermont Castings Resolute III Door Issue

    I was almost finished rebuilding my Resolute III when disaster struck...I broke a hinge off the right side door! I was in luck because I found someone on this forum that I got a door from...AWESOME! But, when I went to put the door on I noticed that the frame around the glass was different...the...
  9. DIYstoveGUY

    Please look at your VC Montpelier and check something for me please!

    Can someone please look at both the door and stove hinge and see if they BOTH have spacers behind them? For some reason mine are not on the door side but the diagram shows that they should be there.... Thank you for looking in advance
  10. DIYstoveGUY

    HELP with VC Montpelier secondary burn issues

    So I'm new to the forum and a couple years deep into wood stove burning. This may be long winded so I do apologize but the more info I give you, the better you may be able to help me. I have a exterior fireplace (16ft) that I installed a vogelzang colonial insert a couple years ago. The thing...
  11. shaman

    Wood stoves and best burn times

    Hello y'all... This is my first post. I joined the forums on this site after lurking in the shadows for about 6 months. (nothing perverted mind you ;-p just trying to learn more by reading as much as I can) This is my first winter relying on wood as my primary and only source of heat. Last...
  12. A

    Vermont Castings Resolute III Rebuild we go! I bought an older VC Resolute III and upon my first fire...smoke leaked from everywhere! Rebuild time! This is my first attempt. I ordered a new gasket kit and new cement. Today I completely disassembled the stove & started removing the surface rust. This will be a tedious...
  13. M

    Bought an Old VC Defiant

    Hello I am new to the forum, but decided to join recently. This is my first wood stove so I am out of my element. That being said any advice is appreciated. I recently bought an old Vermont Castings Defiant that was casted in late 1970's. Very beautiful stove; solid nickel handles, intricate...
  14. W

    Wife needs wood insert recommendations

    Hello everyone, Having spent a somewhat chilly New Year's holiday at our cottage here in Ontario Canada, I'm now researching so that I have good facts to convince my Hubby to get a wood burning insert! Would you kindly share your recommendations with me, as the information is a bit...
  15. Z

    Help Me With A Wood Insert Choice

    Hi all, My family and I moved into a (flipped) historic house built in 1880 in Chester County, PA this past August. The house is ~2500 sq ft and three floors. Picture an Italianate style row home (tall and skinny) in Philly and that's our house, only ours is a single. It's our first time having...
  16. S

    Resolute II Griddle - in search of

    Does anyone have an old Resolute II top griddle or know where I can purchase one? I cannot locate one anywhere. I'm in the process of restoring a Vermont Castings Resolute II wood stove. I've built one stove from two fair/poor condition stoves. The stove in worse shape is a Resolute I. This...
  17. S

    VC Stardance Natural Vent LP to NG conversion

    Hi all, I have a Vermont Castings Stardance Natural Vent Gas Heater (model 3074) that I picked up on Craigslist and had been previously converted to LP according to the previous owner. I figured it would be easy to convert back to natural gas using a conversion kit, but my local stove shop said...
  18. P

    Defiant Encore 2140

    Hello All, I recently picked up a Vermont Castings Defiant Encore 2140. This thing is in serious need of some help. There are no cracked or broken panels but the damper is stuck/frozen, the primary air valve seems to be stuck/frozen-though the handle moves freely. Almost all bolts are...
  19. R

    Vigilant worth keeping?

    I've only posted a few times to Hearth over the years, but you all have been invaluable to me. Now a big question. I have an older VC Vigilant (1977 on the one-piece fireback) that has served me pretty well as the primary heat source through nine NH winters. It has always backpuffed...
  20. D

    Jotul 602cb replacement opinions

    Hello , Newcbdo that ...We have 1500 square open floor plan with cathedral ceilings. Generally fires are burned through out the day and loaded before bed . In morning the stove is dumped and started over . We have done this a number of years without issue. By the end of last winter we started...
  21. S

    Looking at VC Defiant....rear vent?

    I am looking at purchasing an old VC Defiant for a good price locally. It looks like it should fit in the fireplace and protrude out of the raised hearth maybe a foot or so (I have over 18" of space on the hearth). I am looking at installing the stove but maybe or may not be moving next summer...
  22. joeyz101

    Looking at used Vermont Castings WinterWarm Insert

    Hi Everyone - I joined to learn about fireplace inserts a while back after removing the insert that came with the house I purchased. My Father-in-law has a Vermont Castings WinterWarm in his house - it looks great and works very well for their space (it is used to heat their...
  23. D

    vermont castings Encore hood

    I just cleaned my Vermont Castings Encore 2500 for the summer and am unable to replace the cast iron hood. It simply will not slide back into place. Help! Any advice for getting the hood back in place? Thank you.
  24. P


    HELLO, I am in the process of buying a home in PA. It has a Vermont Castings Vigilant parlor stove in the basement. I am choppin on the bit to get access to model # etc. It has it's own dedicated flue in a mason chimney shared by a fireplace.I have done some research and this looks like it...
  25. M

    Vermont Castings 2in1 Refractory Cover

    I have a Defiant 2in1 built in about 2010 that has chronic problems with the refractory cover. After replacing several that cracked, the new one began falling out of place after two years of use. At $90 a piece I'm reluctant to buy a new one until I know why. Maybe the cover is worn down in size...
  26. T

    Vermont Casting Resolute Acclaim- worth salvaging?

    I recently acquired an older Vermont Castings wood stove and I'm trying to decide what to do with it. It is a Resolute Acclaim, 0041, WH 12167, date code 1233. It is missing front and rear grates, plus the andirons,. It does not have fire brick, but has the cast iron back pieces. I am not...
  27. T

    Vermont Casting Resolute Acclaim- worth salvaging?

    I recently acquired an older Vermont Castings wood stove and I'm trying to decide what to do with it. It is a Resolute Acclaim, 0041, WH 12167, date code 1233. It is missing front and rear grates, plus the andirons,. It does not have fire brick, but has the cast iron back pieces. I am not...
  28. W

    Vermont Castings Winterwarm 1280 Damper Adjustment?

    I just finished repairing/rebuilding several parts on my Winterwarm 1280 after 23 years of (mostly) faithful service. All went well (new catalytic converter, new left and right throats, bar grate, front glass etc) but I am still unable to get the damper to fully/firmly close. It swings free...
  29. S

    Sauna Stove -- Original Intrepid?

    Hi there, I pulled an original and largely un-used Intrepid Vermont Castings stove from a unit in one of my parent's old houses. (Actually, it looks like it saw more use as an ash tray for cigarettes, possibly left over from when John Malkovich rented out the unit sometime around the late...
  30. V

    Push damper and fire goes out

    Once the fire gets going, and we push back the damper, the fire goes out. It doesn't seem like it's getting enough because we have to open the ash ash pan to let air in. This seems dangerous. It's a Defiant Encore Vermont Castings.