DAMPER ISSUE- Rebuilding Vermont Castings 2190

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Aug 30, 2020
New vineyard, ME
I bought this stove a month ago for $300. It had some surface rust, For sure needed door gaskets, But otherwise in really good shape. At first glance my guess was it was only used occasionally for supplemental heat. Nonetheless, I wanted to atleast check the refractory and catalyst. I ended up getting carried away and was left with just t he stove bottom and legs with everything else in pieces. My justification was if I rebuild it atleast Id have a better idea of how it works (never used one of these), and the piece of mind of new gaskets and cement throughout.

Reassembly went pretty terrible but I got through it up until the damper assembly. I’ve followed the repair manual all the way so I have the linkage installed with the “blade” toward to front, with the “hockey stick” facing downward but it hits the should on the front of the left stove end, before closing all the way. I’ve taken some material off the end of the linkage but there just isn’t any room between the j shaped damper handle connector, and the shoulder on the front of the left stove end. WHAT AM I MISSING??? I’m going crazy at this point and feel horrible about this whole project. Im attempting to post pictures of what everything looks like at point of hang up so hopefully I can get some input!


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Aug 30, 2020
New vineyard, ME
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Looking at the schematic, is the U-bolt 180 degrees out of position?

You got it!! Thanks! I tried yesterday but couldnt get it in place that way. After you mentioned it i tried again, and pulled the "j" into the stove some to make room to get over and through the linkage hole.

Now i need a new thermostat coil lol... and I think i need the catch or whatever that is supposed to go on the back of the front doors
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Nov 12, 2019
i have a lot of parts for this stove for sale on ebay. pm me if interested.