When plugged in, exhaust blower not turning on (Quadra-Fire Santa Fe)

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Jan 13, 2016
Duluth, MN
Hello! We purchased a home this past August that had a Quadra-Fire Santa Fe pellet stove installed. They left us the manual and cleaning tools, which we have done bi-weekly and as needed. Being in Minnesota, we started using it pretty regularly this past November and never had any issues. Last week it stopped working, so we did a deep clean thinking there was a clog. But it didn't fix it.

When we plug it in, we get the blinking blue light. Then we turn the thermostat on and the red light goes on - but the exhaust blower never does. We have problem solved again and again via videos, manual and threads - hoping someone can help us! (Temps here are below zero and our local dealer has us on the schedule, but they are backed up until the end of February)


Hi S13, and welcome to the forum,

Does your exhaust blower fan free-spin when you turn it by hand? Any grinding noises from the bearings? Usually bearings going bad get progressively noisy, but they can fail abruptly some times too.

The control box should turn on the exhaust blower when the call for heat red light turns on via the thermo stat, which it sounds like those latter 2 are working ok, so your control box may be suspect. You can try UNPLUGGING the stove then remove and reseat the control box, then plug the stove back in and turn on the t-stat to see if the blower starts up. If you remove the control box with the stove plugged in it can toast it. Try the above and post back on the results, ok? Regards, DK
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Mar 20, 2013
Binghamton, ny
If it doesn't spin by hand probably an animal, happened to me...
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