Classic Bay 1200 help - blower fan


Dec 1, 2015
Slatington, PA
So I took my Classic Bay 1200 out to the garage and did a deep cleaning this fall. I also replaced the window and door gaskets. The first issue I had when I plugged everything back together was it was not dropping pellets. A close look at the thermocouple and I noticed a wire was broken. I just replaced the thermocouple and The issue I have now is, the auger turns, pellets fall, fire starts and then, nothing. The fire burns hot, but the blower does not. The exhaust fan is running though. I can hear the stove start to creek from the heat so I know it’s getting hot, but no blower.

I checked and cleaned the vacuum hose and it’s good. Does anyone have any ideas? Snap disk? Thank you.