classic bay 1200

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  1. J

    Classic Bay 1200 Stove Shut-Down Problem

    Hi – First time here. I have a Quadra-Fire Classic Bay 1200 Stove which has the "Stove runs for 10 minutes then stops feeding fuel and shuts down” problem. Every single component of this unit has been checked, double-checked, and is in working order; every wire has been traced; there is 0.3 ±...
  2. C

    Brand new Quadra Fire Classic Bay 1200i fails to turn on

    Brand new to this forum. I've searched for this same problem and haven't seen it posted. I have a brand 'new to me' CB1200i. It appears to have never been used as the interior is clean as a whistle. Wondering if I bought a piece of junk The manual states that when you turn it on for the first...
  3. Newbiepellet burner

    Quadrafire CB 1200i no power at all

    Hello all, you have been a great help to me before, againI am seeking advice. Came home from work and pellet stove was off. Checked feed and all was good, went to hit reset and call light was not on. Hit reset and nothing. Seems there is no power. Reset snap disk 3, nothing. Could it be...
  4. L

    HELP Quad fire CB1200 shuts down on cold nights

    Hello, I am a new member to this site and this is my first post. I have been having this issue for about 2 years now, I’ve read many similar posts on here and have tried the recommendations some members have suggested but with no luck. I have a classic bay 1200 that I’ve been noticing, shuts...
  5. J

    Classic Bay 1200

    I have no more ideas...... here is what’s happening: Plug Classic Bay 1200 (blue lights flash and exhaust comes on) Red light goes on (calls for pellets) Pellets drop FIRE Then dies no more pellets drop. I replaced the control board because the other one didn’t even flash...
  6. J

    Classic Bay 1200 help - blower fan

    So I took my Classic Bay 1200 out to the garage and did a deep cleaning this fall. I also replaced the window and door gaskets. The first issue I had when I plugged everything back together was it was not dropping pellets. A close look at the thermocouple and I noticed a wire was broken. I just...
  7. J

    Classic Bay 1200 Thermocouple

    Has anyone ever replaced a Quadrafire Classic Bay 1200 thermocouple? One of the twisted lines recently snapped under the thermocoupler cover and I wanted to replace both. I know I need to slide the cover over the thermocouple, but I have never replaced the actual thermocouple. Is it a hard...
  8. J

    Quadrafire Classic Bay 1200 Free Standing Service Manual

    Hello everyone, I was wondering if anyone had a copy of the Quadrafire Classic Bay 1200 Free Standing Service Manual. I am about to replace the thermocouple and wanted the manual just in case and if I have any problems in the future. Thank you!!!
  9. J

    Quadra Fire Classic Bay 1200 sealant

    Hello, so I finally replaced the window gaskets on my Classic Bay 1200. I honestly feel like the seal isn’t the best. Nothing shows me that it’s not good, I just don’t trust it. So I was thinking.....has anyone ever used a sealant around the windows? I know the top of the windows are a wash so...
  10. B

    Convection blower slow to come on and off - Quadrafire Classic Bay 1200 FS

    My stove (year 2000) calls for heat, ignites, drops pellets, and then lags to turn convection blower on (15+ minutes). Once it reaches temp, the convection blower lags to shut off... 30+ minutes after exhaust blower does. It's super noisy on startup too- grinding metallic noise, but that fades...
  11. G

    Quadrafire Classic Bay 1200 Advice

    Hey, guys and gals, Considering buying a used CB 1200, I'm a little turned off considering the negative reviews, but those reviews could be the result of poor maintenance or just a small percentage of a large number of stoves sold. What's the general opinion? Is it a reliable machine that...
  12. U

    Quadrafire Classic Bay 1200 Circuit/Switch Testing

    I have a classic bay 1200 that is not feeding pellets. The exhaust fan starts and the call for heat light is on when I raise the thermostat. I have replaced the vacuum switch and the auger motor, checked the vacuum hoses, and checked the stove door gasket - all seem to be fine. The control box...
  13. M

    QuadraFire Classic Bay 1200 troubleshooting

    So I just had a brand new stove installed a few days ago. They put 1 bag of pellets in it to make sure it worked. I'm supposed to pull the fire pot cleaning rod daily. (As a first time stove owner I didn't really know how far it was supposed to pull out.) I've been doing it but today I decide to...
  14. forrest 17724

    Quadrafire Classic Bay pellet stove won't light

    I have a quadrafire classic bay 1200. the heating element wont get hot. I have replaced the element with a new one. if you start a fire by hand, the stove functions normaly. I haven't run across a post with this sort of a situation.. looking for some guidance. thanks everyone!
  15. J

    Quadrafire Classic Bay 1200 not feeding

    Hello everyone. I've read just about every article on here regarding the Classic Bay 1200 not feeding and need help. This weekend my hopper ran out of pellets, I added pellets a few minutes after it ran out. I noticed the call light was still on but the auger wasn't feeding. This is what I've...