My pellet stove runs full all the time and burns out

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Oct 13, 2016
Plymouth MA
Hi, I'm new to pellet stoves and don't know much about them. I bought a used Englander 25-PDV made in 2008. It seems to be a good stove and throws off some serious heat. Unfortunately last year ran full power (auger continuously feeding) and burn lots of pellets. We just turned it off when it was too hot. This year I did some maintenance on it and replaced both vacuum switches, the tube going to the switches, and the starter (still doesn't work, I have to use starter gel). I also cleaned the stove very well. The stove is running now however I am having the following issues:
  • The stove still seems to run at full power, however now the auger is not continuously feeding. The flame is always large though and the fan does not adjust.
  • The stove goes out half way through the bag. We find it out with a fire box full of un-burnt pellets
  • When running the stove at a setting of 1:1 the stove went out and gave us an error code of E2. The flame when running was much larger then I would expect compared to a friends stove at low.
  • The starter does not work. I need to use starter gel.
I would love to get this stove running right. It is perfect sized for my house, looks nice, and seems mechanically sound. Could this be a problem with the blower or maybe the control board? Also, does anyone familiar with this stove have advice on getting the starter to work? It gets hot, but doesn't ignite the pellets.

Thanks in advance for any ideas.
England stoves has a fairly good troubleshooting section on their website.

An e2 code is failure to start. When you replaced ignitor, did you get the appropriate one for your stove? What year is the stove? 2004 or after can be run through a diagnostic mode to ensure ignitor lights. If it is glowing, you likely have to reinstall to get proper positioning in relation to the burn pot (there is a thread on the forum that Mike from ESW explains positioning. It is not the ignitor itself that lights the pellets but the superheated air that flows by the ignitor into the burn pot ... why the positioning is important.

As to the feed rate ... was the stove previously run on a thermostat? Have you checked to ensure that the thermostat jumper wire is in place. If you do not use a thermostat and the jumper wire is not in place, the stove has no way to sense what temperature you are trying to achieve and cannot go into idle mode.

Do you have the outside air kit hooked up? These stove are meant to be run with the kit installed...

Welcome to the forum! Keep us posted....
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