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    Error Message ‘Hopper Open’ Vicenza 3.4 Pellet Stove

    Hi, I’m new to this forum, but not new to pellet stoves. After owning an Austroflamm for 24 years we replaced it with a Vicenza 3.4. These stoves are imported from Italy and distributed by Napoleon in Canada. We prefer a modern aesthetic:-) We’re starting to have issues with a ‘hopper open’...
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    St Croix Ashly p blinking 2

    I have an ashby-p pellet stove. Now my chimney is clean (literally just cleaned it) and the stove is cleaned routinely. The blinking 2 led comes on only when I burn the unit off on 5..... not sure what the cause is.... combustion blower on the way out? My stove is about 5 years old. Thanks for...
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    1994 Harman Invincible Insert - Won't shut down

    Hello, Over the course of 2 weekends, my Harman Invincible insert began a 3 blink error message. It would reset after being unplugged for a few seconds, but would resume the error message hours after. This increased in frequency until it became a constant error signal. In one instance...
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    My pellet stove runs full all the time and burns out

    Hi, I'm new to pellet stoves and don't know much about them. I bought a used Englander 25-PDV made in 2008. It seems to be a good stove and throws off some serious heat. Unfortunately last year ran full power (auger continuously feeding) and burn lots of pellets. We just turned it off when it...