flame adjustment

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  1. Justin3356

    Trouble with flame height, Jotul GF 160 DV

    I recently purchased a Jotul GF 160 DV, on LP gas service. The stove is pictured below. The stove is functioning and heating the room. But, the flames are extremely small and almost entirely blue, with the exception of one or two flames. Linked here is a video of the stove operating at the...
  2. T

    Heat &Glo Grand I-35 flame adjust problem

    I have a Heat & Glo I-35 gas fireplace with Intelliflame. It’s about 5 years old and has worked very well, with a few minor glitches along the way. Just this week, the flame height adjustment stopped working. When I press the button to step through the several flame heights, I can hear the...
  3. T

    Gas insert flame too high?

    Just installed a Mendota FV44i. The heat is amazing. You can see in this pic that the flame is reaching near the top of the firebox, and the ceramic material above it has a small red glow. I understand that the firebox is supposed to get hot, but is this too hot? Is the flame too high?
  4. S

    Pellet stove setting

    Hello. I’m new to the forum and hoping someone here can help me and my searching and asking around have been frustrating and futile. I’ve had pellet stoves for about 10 years now and they have been good. I had an old Bixby up until about three weeks ago when it finally died. It never ran super...
  5. L

    Lopi Cape Cod Insert - Flames past the bypass slider?

    I had a Lopi Cape Cod Insert installed 1 year ago and have noticed since that time that flames can be seen through the breastplate of the stove, licking up past the bypass slider when the stove is heating up and the air is kept high. Has anyone else experienced this and is it normal? It has me...
  6. S

    My pellet stove runs full all the time and burns out

    Hi, I'm new to pellet stoves and don't know much about them. I bought a used Englander 25-PDV made in 2008. It seems to be a good stove and throws off some serious heat. Unfortunately last year ran full power (auger continuously feeding) and burn lots of pellets. We just turned it off when it...