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  1. M

    Should I replace this door?

    Hi all, I’m fairly new to wood stoves and moved into a house last year with an Avalon Rainier wood stove insert. It wasn’t in the greatest condition but we cleaned it up, replaced the baffles and air tubes, new glue liner, etc. and got it working pretty well. The only issue is that it sometimes...
  2. Y

    Should I replace my dutchwest?

    I was given a dutchwest 2477 last year and I heated with it for most of last winter. My wife and I are in a larger tiny house, its about 800sqft. This was our first year using a stove and it is our primary heat source. We burned mostly lodgepole pine and that worked well to keep our place...
  3. J

    Wiring Question - Can I disconnect 1 of my blower motors?

    Hi, new to posting here, usually I just read others. I have an Avalon Rainer 90 with Front blower. I have 1 blower motor which is shot. Just ordered a new assembly to install, but it won't be here for 5 days or so. Wondering if I can just cut the black power wire going into the bad motor and...
  4. F

    Slow starting exhaust blower - Avalon Astoria Bay PI

    Hi everyone, what do you think of this? About halfway through the heating season this year, once every few weeks my stove would fail to start. It would drop pellets normally, but after a couple of minutes the "maintenance" light would begin blinking and the auger would stop. I'd turn it off...
  5. quickrch

    Avalon Firebox split what should I do?

    I have an Avalon Astoria it is in the limited warranty stage now. It has a split in one of the seams of the firebox. I must admit that at first I thought that the brick back bent on its own. Later I realized that gas and fly ash was pushing back through the exhaust chamber behind the burn...