4" pipe stove options

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New Member
Feb 26, 2017
Michigan, USA

I am looking for wood burning stove models that use a 4 inch diameter stove pipe. Or, more precisely, a single wall stove pipe with an outside diameter of 4 inches.

I want a decent sized stove and 4 inches is the max size I can use for my new Canvas Camp hot tent. I'd be willing to use smaller stoves with smaller stove pipe diameter too, if good models are out there

What common models out there use a 4 inch or under stove pipe? I'd like to find something used of course :) So it would be nice to know what my chances are of finding something used that isn't just 6" or 8" and gets to my smaller stove pipe needs. Otherwise I might have to buy something new...

Thanks for your help,
Not sure what you mean by decent size stove but 4" pipe and larger stoves are mutually exclusive for a reason. Regular wall tent stoves are small and designed to work with 4" pipe . Small stove = small draft. So it will draft with only 6-8' of pipe. Unless you have the room to put the stove 6' away from the canvas I'd stick with the stove and pipe designed for wall tents. I always carry a 4x4 piece of durock and lean it on the canvas behind the stove. You can still overfire the small stoves but you really have to work at it, they don't hold much wood. Cabelas or bass pro are good sources for tent stoves.
Fyi, most tent stoves are 5" pipe and reduce to 4" after the 1st or 2nd section as they are designed to collapse inside each other for easy packing.