Stove pipe removal advice

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Sep 25, 2020
We recently removed an old gas fireplace that a previous owner had put in place of a wood stove. I’m interested in removing the plate in the ceiling and after doing research I believe there is some sort of support box attached to it. Thanks can’t seem to find anything that says it supports the whole system. The plate is on the main floor ceiling, then pipe runs through a closet and out the ceiling of a vaulted roof. I can’t see how the whole system would be supported by the box in the main floor ceiling. Pics attached for Reference. Does anyone have a guidance for me? Was hoping to just remove the disk as repair some drywall then deal with the whole system when it’s time to replace the roof.

Main floor ceiling
Closet ceiling
Closet floor (there is a sheet of tin around the pipe but was covered by carpet)
That ceiling mounted component IS supporting the Class A chimney above it. It is probably attached to the floor joists & may have additional cross members added between the closet floor & the ceiling below it. Having carpet in contact with the chimney is not up to code for solid fuel burning appliances, but may have been installed AFTER the chimney adapter kit for gas burning was added. Sorry, but I believe you'll have to remove all of it, not just the ceiling mount.
That closet floor shot is not good. There needs to be 2" clearance from the chimney pipe to any and all combustibles. This is clearly being violated in this picture. In addition to the clearance violation, this pipe should be chased so that stuff in the closet is not stacked against the chimney pipe.
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I believe the OP wants to remove the whole setup, not use it so bringing it up to code is not necessary.
Yes we are looking to remove the whole run. The gas fireplace has been inoperable since we moved in 6 years ago. We were told that the pipe is not to code and we cannot use it for wood burning or gas fired. I was really just wondering if the box in the main floor ceiling supported the whole run of pipe. Based on DAKSY’s response it is. This little cosmetic reno is turning out to be quite the fall project.
Start at the top and work your way down.
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