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  1. K

    Need help identifying stove pipe

    We bought a used pacific energy woodstove and it came with the pipe. Unfortunately we need a few more pieces of pipe but we can’t figure out what type of pipe we have! I don’t know if this matters but we’re in Canada. There are no stickers or anything to identify on the pipes. The woodstove was...
  2. V

    Metal chimney pipe too hot?

    How’s it going, all? My fiancé and I just purchased our first home and it has a wood burning stove (it says the fire boss on the doors) in the basement. It connects to a metal double wall chimney that is just a few inches off the house. I had an inspector come out and to my delight, he said...
  3. B

    VC Defiant 1975, 90deg vs 45deg elbows

    Hi all and thanks in advance, I recently purchased a VC Defiant Model 1975- CAT-C wood burring stove and have a few chimney related questions. I have an existing 8 x 8 masonry chimney with a 6.5 x 6.5 clay flue that was previously used with an old coal stove. Due to the size of the chimney and...
  4. C


    Looking to put some caulking around the double wall pipe that’s in the house. What type should I use?? My local Lowe’s and Home Depot have no good selection. Nothing for high temp for some reason
  5. R

    Chamber Parging Necessary?

    New to the site - thanks in advance for any help! Long story short, bought a house back in August, didn't have an in depth chimney inspection, just the general home inspection that pointed out some cracks in the firebox. No big deal, just some filler mortar for those. We just had our chimney...
  6. B

    Venting Wood Stove Into An Old Chimney. Help!

    Hi Everyone, I'd really appreciate your thoughts on installing a small Defender 2 wood stove in my century home. I have a brick chimney, not lined but 2 bricks thick, as far as I can tell, that has a vent hole for a stove. My house is 180 years old and I'm guessing the chimney is slightly newer...
  7. Misty818

    Chimney Smell - Toxic?

    I have been having a smoke smell in my house for a couple months or so. It had gotten very strong. I thought it was from the recent fires that were in the area, but the smell remained even after the smell outside had gone. This morning I realized that I’d left my flue open since the beginning...
  8. A

    Help :/ Zero Clearance Removal Keep Same Pipe

    Hello! I apologize if this has been answered somewhere else but I’m having trouble finding other threads with the exact same issue as me. I would really appreciated any help. We’re replacing an old Napoleon ZCF with a free standing wood stove. I’d like to remove the current ZCF but keep the...
  9. M

    Strange noise from fireplace

    Strange noise from my fireplace this morning. Sounds almost like rushing water and I can hear it throughout the house. Very similar to a toilet filling with water after a flush. I hear it for a second and it goes away, but comes back. Sometimes in a matter of 10-15 secs, other times a minute...
  10. E

    Chimney Liner Crisis!!

    Hey Guys, I’m rather new around here but I am wayyy in over my head. I picked up a wood burning insert to go into my masonry chimney the other day and had a chimney sweep come out today to check out my situation. Well... apparently I’m screwed because my chimney is 6.25”x17” D and he felt very...
  11. 9

    Help with Schrader wood stove

    Hello All. Found this site and this forum is great. So much good info! Looking for a bit of help with an old Schrader wood stove I have. It has a rectangle 4" x 12" chimney vent instead of a standard round pipe. This area is 48" whereas an 8" circle has 50 I am installing...
  12. R

    Outdoor Fireplace Chimney Extension

    I have a brick outdoor fireplace built against an exterior wall of my house. The chimney will need to be extended up about 12' due to a second floor addition. I'd rather not add more brick so thinking some sort of class A extension is best. The fireplace get's used a few times a year. The...