New Alcove installation for Jotul F 45 V2 Greenville

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New Member
Nov 16, 2021
Hi, just sharing my new alcove stove installation.

I want to thank everyone who contributes here.

I've lurked for years and gleaned quite a bit of information that helped me with planning and implementation.

We're really enjoying wood heat again. We used to have a wood stove years ago when we lived in Oregon, but that's was in the '90s.

Pre - old propane zero vent stove we ripped out.​
Post - new Jotul stove. Wall behind stove has 1" air gap for reduced clearances.​
old propane fireplace - pre.jpg
jotul installed and running - post.jpg


Staff member
Nov 18, 2005
South Puget Sound, WA
That's a nice change. I hope the Jotul gives you many years of happy warmth.


Feeling the Heat
Dec 16, 2022
Very nice! Great job on getting this done and something we are planning to do as well.
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New Member
Nov 16, 2021
Very nice install! How’s you F45 working out?
We are only a couple days into using it, but very happy with the stove so far. We have both heat pumps set very low and neither have kicked on since we completed the curing fires. We're coming into slightly colder weather so a bit more of a test soon. I've had plenty of coals in the morning to restart the fire. Stove was about 200 stove top temp when I got up about 6:30 this morning.
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