alcove installation

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    New Alcove installation for Jotul F 45 V2 Greenville

    Hi, just sharing my new alcove stove installation. I want to thank everyone who contributes here. I've lurked for years and gleaned quite a bit of information that helped me with planning and implementation. We're really enjoying wood heat again. We used to have a wood stove years ago when...
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    Non-combustible Alcove

    Hello, I'm wanting to build a non-combustible Alcove. If I were to build walls with 4in of cement blocks and 4 in of refractory brick (lining the inside of the alcove), a top of the same material and a hearth of 4in of refractory brick would that be considered a non-combustible alcove? Would I...
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    Alcove Install

    I had lots of questions about alcove installations before I did mine so I thought I would post the results for posterity. I had direct vent propane insert installed with some rock tile surrounding it. I ripped it all out and turned the chase into a tiled alcove with a BK Chinook 30. I am...
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    Advice on pending Jotul F45 Greenville Alcove Installation

    We took out an old non-venting propane fireplace to be replaced with a Jotul F45 Greenville. I have a professional installing the stove itself, but I'm building out the alcove myself to receive the stove later this month. I'm hoping for some input and validation on my ideas on this...
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    Is an open fireplace stove install an “alcove”?

    I’m reviewing options for a new stove install (and I don’t want an insert). I have narrowed it down to a Morso 7110 which would vent from the rear of the stove and then up through an existing chimney. As I looked at it, I realized I could possibly pull out the rock facade and the metal fireplace...
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    Replaced prefab fireplace and insert with free standing stove

    We moved into a new to us home about a year ago which had an earth stove wood insert inside a heatilator prefab fireplace in the finished basement. We used the insert during the first winter and it worked ok at best, wasn't real effiecent and went through a lot of wood. This install may or may...
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    contractor maybe misled by owners' manual (posted earlier in wrong forum)

    Hi I have a 32" deep x 56" wide X 9' tall alcove where there used to be a fireplace and chimney. The chimney had issues so we had installed a lopi patriot stove and chimney liner and now for seismic upgrades have removed the chimney. We now want to reinstall the lopi to code. And at some future...