Any thoughts on Vermont Castings Intrepid IFT dv gas stove? Vs. Jotul GF 200 DV II Lillehammer?

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Apr 8, 2024
Thanks in advance for any help! I have been looking for a gas stove for my small space and the first dealer had the Jotul 200 lillehammer or the Lopi Northfield versions. I like that the Lopi deluxe could go down to 6700 BTUs to accommodate for my small space, but it is a lot more expensive than the Jotul. I stopped in a different store today and they have the Vermont castings Intrepid dv IFT. It has similar specs to the Jotul. They gave me a little better deal all around installation etc. but I'm not finding much information by way of review on the Vermont castings, And nothing on comparing it to other models. Whatever choice I make, I want to make sure I'm picking one that has a very good reputation for being reliable.
Any thoughts?