Outside air intake adaptor for Vermont Castings Intrepid II 1990

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New Member
Oct 31, 2023
Olympic Peninsula
1. We are finishing a 400sf cabin with a 100sf loft. We are new to wood stoves and bought a very pretty and functioning Vermont Castings Intrepid II used. We were surprised when it could not pass inspection because it needs an outside air intake adaptor to bring it up to code.
No problem, we thought. But this part was discontinued by VC in 2019. I've searched the web. A nice company in Montana said they had the part and it arrived today, but it was a flue collar, not the part we need.
I realize now that this pretty stove is a real antique by wood stove standards, but I want to know if any of you experienced people think we should use it as a planter, or if there is hope of getting this thing up and running properly?

2. I suspect this project is doomed and will go on the list of the many things we have learned. So...what would you recommend for weekend cabin habitants who want to watch a fire and get cozy when the power is out and our heat pump is a no go? The space is very well insulated with foam, and stays *almost* tolerable inside with at 30 degrees outside with an oil space heater we used before the heat pump was installed. This is on the Olympic Peninsula where we'll get some snow, but it's not likely to get into the 20s very often.
I've been searching for advice online, but there are too many opinions and most of them are selling something.
Can you fabricate a new one out of sheet metal?

Maybe something like a dryer vent could provide the bones for an air intake.
Thanks so much. I'm thinking along those lines as well. Just found an outdoor air adaptor online for a different model VC older stove. Probably easier to adapt that than a dryer vent? so I'm cautiously optimistic.
Maybe! Please let us know how it works! Others will have similar issues come up!
Will do.
Am going to ask on the Vermont Castings forum if anybody knows the specs for the outdoor air adaptor for an old Intrepid (what I've got) versus a VC Winterwarm 1280, Winterwarm 2100, or a VC Aspen 1920. Those are the models listed for the adaptor that's for sale, but no specs are available for it :-(