VC Intrepid II 1990 - can I use an outdoor air adaptor from a Winterwarm 1280 or Aspen 1920 for my intrepid?

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New Member
Oct 31, 2023
Olympic Peninsula
The outside air adaptor for a VC Intrepid 1990 was discontinued in 2019.
I need to get this part in order for my stove to pass building inspection for our cabin that is almost done.
I can't find one anywhere, but did find an outside air adaptor that fits a Winterwarm 1280, Winterwarm 2100, or Aspen 1920. Does anyone have specs for this part. I have a wild hope that it either might fit my intrepid or could be modified.
The part I'm looking at is here: https://www.stove-parts-unlimited.c....htm?msclkid=d01a67159d6b11a946140254dc064bd3
And no, this company doesn't have one specifically for the Intrepid. A salesman thought they did last week, and sent me a flue collar for an intrepid...LOL.
Any help greatly appreciated!
My little old Intrepid hoping for an outside air adaptor! Looks like it may get lucky.

IMG_9869 2.jpeg