Lopi AGP Troubleshooting Question

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New Member
Nov 12, 2018
New Hampshire
Just moves into a new house with a Lopi AGP pellet stove hooked up in the corner. Home was a flip and seller was up front that he had 0 clue if it worked. Downloaded owners manual and troubleshooting guide prior to attempted startup and am looking for some direction on what could be wrong.

1. Plug in and fan turns on
2. Press start and enters 22 minute start sequence
3. Green start light goes solid and machine attempts to kick in
4. Pellets do not feed from hopper nor does igniter seem to come on
5. After about 3 minutes the stove completely shuts off. No flashing lights or something that could be identified by a diagnostic code.

Any help aside from throwing it off the back deck would be much appreciated!


Feeling the Heat
Apr 2, 2014
Bloomingburg NY
look at the bottom of the hopper when it is empty, run the start up and see if the disk is rotating and feeding pellets to the auger below there is a useful animation at the end of this youtube video that shows how the unit feeds pellets, the feed is for an avalon but is identical to the agp... also remove the ash pan and flame deflector and check to see if the ignitor is getting hot during the startup sequence ... it is similar to a stove element and piece of paper touched to it should tell the tale ... it is to the left of the auger outlet in a shroud but exposed at the end