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  1. S

    Heat n Glow 6000TRI-LP will not stay lit

    Short version: The fireplace will burn for some amount of random time, which these days is generally less than 15 minutes. The thermopile's voltage drops from ~500mV to ~20mV when the burner ignites, so I ordered a new one. The local dealer's tech is out with some kind of health issue, return...
  2. J

    POWER LIGHT flashing, not status light...HELP

    Have been heating our home in Wisconsin with a Harman Accentra for about 5 years. Almost trouble free except for having to replace the control board about 2 years ago. That's the history. Must mention that I clean this stove every 3 weeks. Yesterday the stove started to SURGE, and growl. It...
  3. D

    Harman P68 Never Shutting Down

    Hello, I have a Harman P68 pellet stove that is the main source of heat in my house. In December, the stove began to constantly burn pellets until the hopper empties, regardless of the room temperature. We woke up one morning to a 90 degree house! Here is what I know/have tried: - The stove is...
  4. I

    Can't adjust the feed rate ...HELP

    Hi, I'm new to the forum and new to (pellet) stoves and I need some help. I was given a free pellet stove (glowboy home heate HGBH1, with a acutron control board) bit now it turns out it has some issue (surprise). The stove starts up nicely and without issues, but once it starts running...
  5. A

    Lopi AGP Troubleshooting Question

    Just moves into a new house with a Lopi AGP pellet stove hooked up in the corner. Home was a flip and seller was up front that he had 0 clue if it worked. Downloaded owners manual and troubleshooting guide prior to attempted startup and am looking for some direction on what could be wrong. 1...
  6. G

    Heatilator EcoChoice won't stay lit...Please help!!

    Hi all, I am the (not so proud at the moment) owner of a less than 1 year old heatilator eco choice. The problem I have been having is, when I set the temp, it will feed, and light, but will not continue to feed until the desired temperature, and will not stay lit. On the back left side of the...
  7. M

    Harman Accentra52i troubleshooting

    Hello! Please advise. I own Harman Accentra52i pellet insert . It has been running fine for 3 years. It stopped working recently. The unit will start, ignite, and after a 10-15 min will stop. Changed the hopper motor and the circuit board. The problem is still there. Any suggestions?
  8. J

    Harman Accentra Insert Troubleshooting/ Refurbishing

    First off, I will start with I am obviously new to this forum. In some searching this seemed to be a useful forum to join pertaining to my recent project. I have been using an older Whitfield Optima insert for a few years as my primary source of heat. I recently took a flyer on a used $450...
  9. M

    Majestic - Not producing much heat

    Hi All, This is our second winter in our new home. The Majestic gas (propane) fireplace came with the place. We thought it was functioning normally until visiting a friends house. Our unit's heat output is but a small fraction of theirs. The units are the same BTU, and from what I've...
  10. R

    2001 Honda TRX90 Won't Start

    It was running well one day, and then the next it just wouldn't start (It has been very cold while trying to start it). I checked spark, it was meh, so I replaced it. After that it got blue spark. Still won't start. Cleaned out the carb (It was quite bad), still wouldn't start. Bought a new...
  11. V

    Help! Quadrafire Mt. Vernon

    I have a Quadrafire Mt. Vernon pellet stove I purchased used. A friend came over yesterday to take it apart and clean it. We got all the brick pieces removed. We cleaned it and put the left side piece and the back piece in. We cannot get the right piece back in! We spent hours reading the...
  12. D

    St Croix York insert - #4 troubleshooting code ??

    Hello all, I have a St Croix York pellet insert from 2003 I believe. The stove recently stopped working and the #4 light is flashing on the stove's main board. The strange thing is this troubleshooting light sequence is not in the manual and I have never seen it. #3 is the low limit or POF...
  13. Y

    Mount Vernon Quadfire Stove Problem

    1) The auger motor quit running. I tested the motor its fine. I jumped the vacuum switch, fine, tested snap disk #2, fine, replaced anyhow so I decided it was the control box. I replaced that still no auger.If I put the control box to test mode everything tests fine, both fans, auger motor and...
  14. Fatt68Hogg

    Hello,new stove new member,go figure?!?!?Two week old Castile insert works great 1/2 the time ...

    Hello,new stove new member,go figure?!?!?Two week old Castile insert works great 1/2 the time,call lights on but no action until I move thermostat or hit reset?!?! What gives?
  15. B

    Kuma Sequoia Initial Review and Catalyst Troubleshooting Tips

    Hello fellow WoodHeads, I recently installed the Kuma Sequoia as a wood burning insert into my fireplace and while the install itself had some issues, I have to say that I couldn't be more pleased with the product. I did a tremendous amount of research regarding the type of stove to get and...
  16. P

    Enviro EF3 convection blower suddenly shuts off

    The convection blower on our stove will occasionally shut off for no apparent reason. The stove could be operating for several hours and then we will notice that there is no air. The auger continues and the exhaust fan still works, but no blower. After about five to ten minutes, the fan will...
  17. Nofossil

    Troubleshooting in bathrobe

    So I'm sitting here with a cup of coffee looking at the snow outside and poking around the Internet when the phone rings. It's the property manager at a site with one of our systems. He says that he looked at the graphs and saw that the Froling pellet boiler was running a lot - more than he...
  18. OAKLEY

    Englander add on wood stove, fan not woring after replacing thermostat

    was not worcing, put a new thermostat on, then it wored for a day. Now the fan stopped. What should I chec first, dont want to buy a whole new fan, not in budget. Furnace wiring caught on fire also! so no heat. : ( and no job....
  19. Jaw818

    Baby magnum not throwing heat.

    So I fired my new (used) baby magnum up today for the first time, since it's the first time it's been cold. I'm using it in my garage, which is Uninsulated (I'll be getting around to that soon), so I wasn't holding out much hope for the garage to be toasty, but I figured I would see how the...
  20. ktenn

    About to give up! Ash(?) Problems

    Hey guys, we need some help problem solving.... Or maybe we just need to be told that this is normal, but either way, we need help! We have a Harman Accentra freestanding pellet stove. We LOVE it, except for one huge problem. We find an extremely fine layer of ash or some sort of white/gray...
  21. K

    Traeger keeps feeding

    First time I've been exposed to a pellet stove, and it's a Traeger MPD040T circa 1986. I'm renting the house its in and the landlords are new owners (have no history with the stove). I used it last spring a few times when I moved in, but the thermostat didn't regulate stove operation well; once...
  22. M

    Englander Stove Issue

    Hello, I have a 2005 Englander Stove Works 25-PDVC Pellet stove and started to have an issue with it at the end of the season last year. I took a video of my issue but I'm receiving a 5D error on the control board. This is in addition to what sounds like the bottom motor making a clicking...